1. moonloops

    Lightly modified smart car

    Looks like um, a bit of fun.. smart hayabusa - YouTube ..when I say lightly I may mean totally and utterly bonkers modified.. :p
  2. M

    Lightly pimped W126 with LPG for cheap

    I wonder if the missing history and combination of colour and bling will deter bidders: Great spec, and very tidy looking on-screen. I keep finding myself coming back to this auction (though I'm actually after a W201). And the...
  3. K

    When starting, is it ok to tap the accel lightly?

    Anyone have a view on whether it is harmful to the engine to tap the accelerator lighty when starting the car? This is only because lately occasionally I find the benz a little wobbly on the start and giving it a little tap helps smooth the starting. 90% car starts strongly and confidently, but...
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