1. A

    19" Carlsson 1/16 ultra lightweight with tyres

    I have recently bought some 19" Carlsson 1/16 with Tyres. They are in near perfect condition. ablsolutely no kerb marks at all, paint on the centres is showing slight sign of wear but this is only if you come close and notice it while cleaning etc. wheels 19 x 8.5 (x4) Tyres 235 x 35 x 19 - 2...
  2. Alex

    Team Dynamics Lightweight Alloy Wheels

    Anybody knows anything about Team Dynamics alloy wheels range? In particular Pro Race 1.2. They seem very reasonably priced @ £179/ea and weigh only 9kg. I know they are manufactured by Rimstock in the UK but are they any good? Wheel Range
  3. AnilS

    Genuine Sador 17" lightweight alloys

    I have for sale a rare set of Genuine SADOR lightweight 17" alloys wheels from my SL320 (R129). These may well fit other models too but will lift the look of those currently on 16"s. Part numbers are here and offsets are 34 with all alloys 8.25" wide; Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 17"...
  4. L

    18" Lightweight alloys wth tyres

    Guy's I'm selling my wheels. Package is approximately 3 months old, 600 mile use. Great set up for summer or track day use. Japanese made Rota style alloy. Front setup 8x18 5x112 ET35 (9kg) With Bridgestone RE050A 245/40/18 Y rated (like new) Rear setup 9x18 5x112 ET35 ( just over 9kg)...
  5. M

    Dymag Lightweight Magnesium wheels

    4 x Dymag Lightweight Magnesium wheels. Fronts are 8 x 18 et32 and rears are 10 x 18 et56. They are 5 x 112 pcd and are in very good condition with just a few marks showing, mainly from movement whilst in storage. These are a very rare wheel and light for their size. The 8's weigh 8kg...
  6. dino645

    5.0L 450 SLC Lightweight Project

    Saw this 5.0 litre 450 SLC, which is a rare car to find. LHD Looks like a project for someone, but they are very difficult to find...
  7. hitt

    Anyone for some lightweight 500E front wings?

    Just came across this. Looks good to me. He's offering to make more, although he's the US of A. So shipping might be add to the cost so as to make it less worth while . . but they weigh next to nothing . . apparently he picked it up...
  8. PJH

    Jaguar advanced lightweight coupe
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