1. lisa110rry

    Can I ask a simple girlie question about the LIM light?

    A few days ago, I was making a sharp left at a relatively low speed on to the A59 and two lights on the dash blinked briefly as I made the turn. One had 'LIM' on it and I think the other had the hazard sign. Been thinking about this a lot. I've looked in my downloaded handbook but don't...
  2. V

    LIM Indicator

    I must be as thick as a prune.... What does the LIM indicator do? I guess is something to do with the speed limiter or Distronic. What does LIM stand for?
  3. F

    Need locking wheelnuts with 'slim' lock - anyone been down this route ?

    Hi folks Have put new alloys on my W124 230CE (17" ZCW Charm Shadow Chrome) but the key for the locking wheelnuts from my previous alloys won't fit. Looks like I need new locks with a slimmer key. Anyone know what type will fit ? Vendors for the McGard range are unable to help me Cheers Frank
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