1. G

    Viano 3.0 CDi Limited initial RPM in drive and reverse

    Hi, I've been reading many posts regarding gearbox issues and the various limp modes but I can't find anything that has helped me get closer to identifying what the issue may be. My gut feeling is that the gearbox is the issue. If anyone can offer any advice before I take it to a...
  2. T

    I did the right thing and now have a medically limited licence!

    License was up for renewal. One of the questions on ther renewal form asks "has a doctor ever advised you not to drive". I'm 5 years post surgery for oesophageal cancer. The surgery is major and it screws you up for a while. So after the surgery I was told I couldn't drive for 6-8 weeks, and...
  3. C

    CLK430 rev limited when in park and neutral?

    Hi Guys and Gals My CLK430 project - I've only driven it for 10 miles and it is now SORN I've had it running on the driveway for oil change etc. Have noticed it seems limited at 4K when revving it (fully hot of course). I didn't gun it on the drive home from collecting it. This normal?
  4. Calcifer

    W124 E500 Limited with no reserve. Thoughts...

    Came across this whilst browsing Bonham's auction. Has a guide price but being sold without reserve. :confused:
  5. M

    2018 Mercedes E Class Coupe Limited Edition 1

  6. E

    limited edition Manchester Utd barrel Cost £224.99

    To celebrate our partnership with the iconic Oil brand Gulf, we have an amazing limited edition Manchester Utd barrel. This is Exclusive to Euro Car Parts and costs £224.99 Stock is limited on this collector’s item. Once they’re gone. They are gone!
  7. M


    Full Details Range Rover 5.0 V8 Autobiography 40th Anniversary Black Edition ONE OF ONLY 700 SUPPLIED WORLDWIDE ONE OF A HAND FULL SUPPLIED TO UK Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2010 – 10 Reg • Three Owners From New – Last...
  8. M

    2013 A180 (Blueefficiency Se) Inoperative / Safe Functions Limited?

    Hello, Hoping someone here can help me on a problem I'm encountering on my car that I purchased around 3 months ago.. "Inoperative See Owner's Manual" "PRE-SAFE Functions limited See Owner's Manual" I've looked through the manual and can't find anything that rectifies this.. I...
  9. Calcifer

    E500 Limited Detailed

    Recently had my E500 Limited detailed by Vince of Pallas Auto Refinishing. Top guy and top work, great passion for detailing. :))
  10. Steve320

    CLS55 Limited Edition?

    I just found my dream car... Search for yours via Auto Trader #DrivenByMe Hopefully that link will work, and if so, is that CLS really a limited edition? I'm aware of the IWC LE from 2005, but that was a different colour and had...
  11. N

    Limited time 2-EHN Cetane booster offer courtesy of the BioDiesel forum

    The Bio Diesel making boys over at have negotiated a cracking deal on 2-EHN. It's a limited time offer, good for 2 weeks from 4.3.16. Registration is required to see the page. Login
  12. B

    Creating a limited edition watch

    At the risk of turning this into a watch forum, does anyone have any experience of commissioning a limited edition watch? We're looking at a run of say 50 watches with a bespoke logo on the face and individual engraving on the rear. Jorg Grey did us a very nice example a few years ago, but...
  13. Calcifer

    E500 Limited, what's it worth to sell or keep?

    Good evening all, Recently i've chose to take up work outside the UK and subsequently decided to sell some of the toys. First one went on Pistonheads and moving on from there, I've had a lot of people messaging on whether I would sell the E500 Limited. I have two, black and silver. However...
  14. Calcifer

    W124 E500/500E/E500 Limited

    Fascinated and intrigued to know how many others own on, would like to share and learn about these cars.
  15. Calcifer

    E500 Limited and AMG Specialist Northwest.

    Once we are rid of the nasty weather up north, planning to have the cars prepared for Europe road trip come spring. Anyone recommend or have come across a reasonable indie in the Greater Manchester / Lancashire area for service of E500 and E55. Thanks!
  16. F

    W124 estate rear seat options. Limited to estate ones?

    I'm looking at upgrading the seats in my w124 estate to leather/MB tex. Now the easy option is a leather seat set from another estate. However looking at the other options I much prefer the rear seats from the 500e and Coupe models with the centre wood console. Am I crazy in thinking I could get...
  17. Newera

    The loveliest E500 (Limited) currently for sale in the UK.

    The E500 Limited we have in stock is at it's best now with as new wheels and original ride height & better for having had a full professional detailing too. Car is now awaiting registration with the DVLA on a UK age related number. First viewing is booked for 9th November with someone who has...
  18. mercmush

    E60 AMG Limited for sale
  19. R

    CLC350 with limited slip differential

    I recently bought a used CLC350 from a non-Mercedes second-hand car dealer in Germany. The dealer's specs were that it was an entirely standard factory CLC350 (though fully specced with sport pack, flappy paddles, parameter steering and every option listed). The car had an AMG badge on the...
  20. M

    limited slip differential?

    Anyone know where I can get a lsd for my c200k w203 2000modell? A good coilover kit with TUV as well.
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