1. S

    W639 CANBUS Speed Limiter Kit

    It's all the rage to watch your speed to within 1MPH these days, but I'd rather keep my eyes on the road than on the speedo. My W639 has a speed limiter, but not an easy way to flip it between 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 MPH. (In fact it is stuck at Km/h anyway) I'm wondering if the speed...
  2. XJguy

    W124 speed limiter disable

    How does one go about disabling or removing the 135mph speed limiter on the 94 E320 W124? Do the non USA models also have this silliness? I contacted JET chips and they said it is not the ECU.
  3. legonutter

    random 3000rpm rev limiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?
  4. pse1336982

    E63 S AMG arrived... VMax limiter removal?

    Trying a new car combo of E63 S AMG Estate and SLK 250 AMG Sport - wife's choice... :-). Replacing the E300 Hybrid and A45 AMG... Great to have big V8 rear-wheel drive back.... (had lots of 63s and M3/M5s in the past). He is the pic... Anyone do a VMAX limiter removal? Don't...
  5. Incredible vito

    speed limiter on vito 2005

    hi i have a 2005 vito 111cdi its limited to 80 how would this be done also she seems to be fast one minute then sluggish the next often eml light comes on resets when key off on please can some one help me
  6. F

    Speed limiter

    I'm not after going faster than the 155mph my car is supposed to be limited to, more trying to understand a possible fault. How does the speed limiter work on a C43 AMG, what tells the ECU to stop whatever would make the car exceed 155mph? Giving it some beans the other day, in the safest of...
  7. MancMike

    Why does this black series hit a speed wall (not the limiter)?

    Hi, Just saw this YT video: The car accelerates strongly up to 307km/h (190mph) then stops. It's not ran out of revs, and looking at how it climbs in speed, it's not ran out of power either. Why does it stop accelerating so abruptly at...
  8. W

    W124 rev limiter

    Hi all, How does the rev limiter work on an E320 (1995)? Mine will not rev above about 3000rpm (getting very jerky at that speed), regardless of gear (so for example I cannot exceed 70mph-ish at the moment). I know that there is a limit on the engine speed when in neutral/park (which I...
  9. N

    Charge Cooler Pump, Or Soft Limiter???

    Hi Guys, firstly im having to post this the old fashioned way..........on a computer :wallbash: as my iphone app wont let me so if anyone knows why can you let me know !! Now onto the post topic...............the last few weeks occationally, and rather naughtily, ive given the C32 the beans when...
  10. B

    Snow tyre speed limiter

    Hi everyone, I have a '53 plate clk270cdi. I discovered last week that it has the snow tyre limit switched on. I checked the owners manual - 'select from vehicle menu', great I think until I look for it, no sign at all ! I've looked at all the menu's and nothing there, I've scoured every forum...
  11. Dave Richardson

    Intermittant rev limiter kicking in

    Could some one suggest the problem & how to rectify. 1 The car was working well before I touched it I changed the oil & filters on my CL203 today, 5.5 ltrs of Shell Helix, Bosch fuel filter & Mann oil filter. I used a fuel filter which I 'd had on my shelf for a while & filled with...
  12. kevinofengland

    Speed Limiter not working & airflow sensor

    Hello all. Two things someone may be wise enough to comment on: The speed limiter has stopped working and I wonder if there are any common issues that I could check. Also I need a replacement Mass Airflow Sensor and would appreciate advice on how much I should be paying and if there are some...
  13. I

    Do you use the speedtronic limiter?

    Speedtronic has around for years and The Other Two don't seem have followed suit with a widely available limiter. Interested on who uses it.
  14. E

    Sl55 limiter delete.

    As above guys what's involved in taking the 155 mph limiter off? Might want to take it on closed roads/tracks.
  15. paulbenz500

    Can you raise the speed limiter via 'star'

    Hi as above I read that this can be done on Merc's u don't remove the limiter you just raise the limit is this correct can it be done on cl500 (2000) Cheers guys. Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  16. U

    1999 W202 C200 Sport rev limiter?

    Hi, Wondering if my C200 has a rev limiter or something wrong with ignition. When I rev upto 4250 rpm or above it sounds like a rev limiter, is this the norm or do I have probs with ignition or something? All help appreciated!
  17. O

    Speed Limiter coming on early

    I was over in Germany this week so thought I would stretch the 55s legs a bit on an unrestricted bit of road, anyway the car felt fine but it wouldn't budge past 146 MPH, I thought the limit was 155, has anyone else had this happen?, or know what could cause it?, I think I want to get the...
  18. O

    removing the limiter on SL55

    Is there any way to do this?, I'm not really after a remap as I don't want more power particularly just want the limiter taken off as I'm going to Germany soon and would like to see what it can do.
  19. R

    Speed limiter

    Hi All, I have just brought a Vito 111 CDI and today noticed there is a limiter set at 75 mph. How easy is it to get this removed and what price would i be looking at? Many Thanks
  20. jeffwebb


    We have been told in previous threads that the limiter can be easily removed by someone with access to and knowledge of developer mode in comand. Does anyone know one of these elusive people? Regards, Jeff
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