1. st13phil

    Strictly Enforced Speed Limits May Adversely Affect Safety

    Some interesting research that suggests a driver's hazard perception capability is diminished when they're dedicating concentration to speed limit compliance. It will be interesting to see what the next stage of the research finds.
  2. MoAMG

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    I’ve created a petition to proportionally increase speed limits on UK roads – please sign and share! Click this link to sign the petition: My petition: Increase road speed limits in line with advances in...
  3. ringway

    Zero-tolerance speed limits could put drivers in greater danger.

    I'm hallucinating, surely? :crazy: Source BT Lifestyle. The margin for error for speeding is being tightened up by some police forces so the historical 10%-plus-2mph no longer applies. Is this fair and can it really be enforced? Most drivers stick within the speed limit, while a small...
  4. M

    Are some people incapable of dealing with 50mph limits in narrow lanes?

    I live in Camberley and enter the London bound M3 at J3. Due to road widening schemes its 50mph average speed checks all the way to J2 which is the M25 junction. This week and last week I have seen the recent aftermath of 2 incidents involving multiple vehicles. The one last night had all 3...
  5. S

    Barclaycard Credit Limits

    So, I have two credit cards with Barclaycard. One limit was £1600, and the other £3500. I also have a few other cards with other providers, so my exposure was roughly around £12000. I asked Barclaycard for a limit increase from £3500, to £4200. They granted the increase but right up to £6200...
  6. Peter T

    M1 Variable Speed Limits

    Took a trip from the midlands to London today, there and back on the M1. On the way there, the variable limits were in operation between Luton and Hemel, slowing us down to 50 for several miles. The gantry signs said something about an accident, but there was no evidence of one. No Police, no...
  7. Lxb3

    W124 E220 juuuuuuuust over MOT emissions limits

    Grrrrr. On the first attempt, the emissions were very high - subsequently explained by the lack of a catalytic converter in the system (how on Earth do you get a car that's had its cat removed through an MOT?!). I've rectified that, but now the emissions on the fast idle test come in only just...
  8. st13phil

    Faster Speed Limits for Trucks?

    Consultation underway on plans to increase speed limit for HGV's. So, what does the Team think? Good idea or not? In a thoroughly predictable response, Brake claim it will cause carnage :rolleyes:
  9. S

    80mph speed limits, Pah

    I was going through old pics of a holiday Was in Germany How good would this be to have 100 being in MPH obviously. Discuss the merits of a 100mph motorway speed limit, if we all kept a safe distance 100mph I feel work work fine.
  10. st13phil

    Oxford's 20mph Limits 'waste of money'

    An outbreak of common sense at last? This was the front page article in the Oxford Mail last night, in which it transpires that average speeds have reduced by 1.3mph in the 20mph zones while KSI numbers have actually risen. I particularly liked the the Thames Valley Police spokesman's comment
  11. artyman

    Fuel limits

    Following the Goverment's advice and not panicking I didn't fill up until today, the garage was not overly busy though some pumps had no Super Unleaded. I topped up the car and then filled two four gallon jerrycans, these are pucka WWII jeep style things. As I was finishing a chap came out and...
  12. Harrythedog

    20mph limits in residential streets

    I've noticed over the past few months that a great number of streets in my area have been designated as 20mph zones, all the relevant signs and road markings being put in place by my local (extremely hard up council). A couple of weeks ago a saw a small white car, a Smart I think, with a speed...
  13. W

    Sunday 28 November - Car Limits Event Day

    Hi, For some fun I've booked myself in for a car limits event day on Sunday 28th November at North Weald Airfield (Essex). It's like a track day, but a bit different, safer and cheaper at only £48/car. It's basically an airfield with plastic cones to map out a circuit. Cars go out one by one...
  14. Satch

    Insane speed limits

    Last night (or more correctly early this morning) I travelled from Milton Keynes to Surrey via M1/M25, the majority the journey being subject to 50mph limit enforced by average speed cameras through roadworks. Nobody working of course and not much traffic, so ho hum, cruise control on...
  15. The Boss

    Are Speed Limits too Vintage?

    Article today about Speeding... We all have gone over the limit at some time, but are they incorrect or out dated. Driving: Motorists Admit To Breaking Speeding Laws On A Regular Basis | UK News | Sky News I agree, that in school and built up areas speed limits should be 20 MPH for schools and...
  16. Satch

    Know your speed limits

    Ah, some of the "Casualty Reduction Partnerships" (that is Speed Camera Partnerships to the rest of us) have decided to enforce this with great enthusiasm: "As a "rule of thumb" any van larger than a Vauxhall Astravan will have a gross weight...
  17. coupe deville

    motorway speed limits

    Driving down to East Midlands Airport on the M1 in the morning rush hour for our hols last week I had 2 very different experiences. First 40 odd miles were fraught [ for the wife who is a poor passenger after a serious accident with an earlier boyfriend who managed to roll his car several times...
  18. Marque

    Speed limits and maths

    There has been much comment recently about 'unnecessary' enforcement of traffic regulations 'just to make money' and how the police 'should be solving real crimes'. This has divided forum members broadly into two camps: those who want the police to stop harassing honest motorists and to...
  19. ckember

    average speed limits onm motorways

    In the last week I have driven on the M1, M2, M25, A1M and the M6, all have some major road works at the moment. and all have average speed limits. What surprises me is the differences in these limits, which are either 40mph or 50mph, and don't seem to have any bearing on the type of works...
  20. Satch

    Review of Speed Limits

    Only downwards, of course. All to be done by 2011 so many rural A roads currently with a 60 limit are almost certain to drop to 50 or 40 over long stretches. Now when is Road...
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