1. B

    New Car new Poster (Lincoln)

    Afternoon all, I have been a member of the forum for a while but have been somewhat quiet. I have recently replaced my e350 2010 coupe for a e350 coupe 2016. The forums have helped my work day go that much quicker, i look forward to contributing a bit more.
  2. 2

    Hi hello from Lincoln

    Hi Everybody Thanks for letting me join your knowledgeable group. looking forward to sharing experiences and knowledge of our beloved cars. my main interest at the moment is in a 1974 350 sl which I have spent many an hour fettling. Didn't believe cars were really built so well as this until...
  3. B

    New member in Lincoln

    Hi all Last Friday picked up a 2010 E350 CDI Avantgarde (W212) in Cuprite Brown with brown leather interior as a replacement for my Porsche Boxster. Despite being 6 years old and having nearly 79k on the clock it's in superb condition and looks like a new car which I'm very pleased about...
  4. PaulCambs

    Performance Day at Listers of Lincoln

    Went to the performance event at Lincoln today, Drove some great cars, G63, S63, A45 AMG & the highlight a matt black SL65. Took a friend and he also drove them all! Here's a few pics of the cars. Loved in interior of the S63.
  5. s88

    Listers MB drive day at Lincoln

    Thanks to the Lincoln MB for the drive day, and the chance to drive a few cars. I chose the less exotic, reasoning that i would not have to que etc. In the ned it seemed a quiet morning and I got extra rides. C35 Brabus, estate. I really liked this, so smooth and quiet, very deceptive...
  6. jonnyMercUK

    Lincoln Xmas Market

    Parents have been today, myself and mrs are going on Sunday. £13 to park all day in a muddy field, then onto a bus for park and ride! Any members residents in Lincoln :dk:
  7. S

    Touring: The Peak District, Lincoln and York

    Well folks, I've gone and done it again. It was a friends and forum members Birthday on Friday and they had their bash in Damons in Lincoln on Friday night, so I thought I'd make a long weekend of it all. The Ladybower Inn was such a success from the MBC Yorkshire meet, that I felt almost duty...
  8. alhucoll


    Can anyone recommend a good independent in or around the Lincpln area? Main issue is a new GPS aerial for the sat nav. Cheers, Al
  9. 2

    Any good independants near Lincoln?

    Hi Can anybody recommend independant service garages in the Lincoln area. I have used local Main agent and cant fault them , great service, its just that I am running out of banks to rob. any advice appreciated krh
  10. cliveyboy8

    Lincoln / Scunthorpe Independent

    Anyone recommend a good independent in the Lincoln / Scunthorpe area?

    Mercedes specialist in Lincoln

    Hi, Does anyone out there know of a Mercedes specialist in or around the Lincoln area? Don't like paying the hourly rate which my local dealer is asking for. Thanks :rock:
  12. M

    Does anyone know of any independant specialists around Lincoln

    Hi there, I've recently joined MBClub and must say I'm very impressed:D . I had a recent service at the dealers in Lincoln and wasn't impressed with the standard of service I received :mad: . I'm on the look out for a good reliable reputable independant specialist in the Lincoln area, if...
  13. M

    anyone here from hull,lincoln or grimsby?

    bit of a long shot but i wondered if theres any members who live at one of these places who would be willing to go to the pc world store there and pick up a satnav and then mail it to me. The model i want is on offer and only available for instore pickup and those stores are the only ones who...
  14. ogs

    mercedes owners lincoln

    So are any of you guys in the lincoln area at all?
  15. Y

    Independent specialist in Lincoln / Nottingham

    Anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks in advance
  16. R

    Lincoln area

    A few questions: 1. Are there any regular gtg's? 2. Are they around Lincoln? Cheers, Rica
  17. R

    MB servicing in Lincoln

    Anyone had experience of MB servicing in Lincoln?
  18. carlh94

    MB of Lincoln

    I was recently over in the UK visiting my folks, and called into MB of Lincoln. I had previously talked, but not met, the Parts manager there, Steve. I just called in to thank him for his input regarding the availability of AMG Parts in the UK v. the US, and found him to be exceedingly...
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