1. D

    New south lincs member

    Hi guys Just dropping in to say hi. Will post another thread in relevant section soon. Basically looking into getting a C63 Estate in the near future as im getting bored of my diesel BM! Cheers Danny
  2. B

    new bloke from sutton bridge lincs

    Hi I am bridgeman from Sutton bridge lincs Just got my first Mercedes a 2002 slk 230k and would like to say HELLO ! iam 52 married and work as a engineer are there any local clubs or meets ?:thumb:
  3. Davelincs

    New member from lincs

    Good morning, I am new to this forum, at the minute I drive a volvo xc60, but I am looking to upgrade to an M class, is there a part of the forum for m class, as I have a few questions Thanks for any replies Dave
  4. bennesspipers

    Manchester to Boston, in Lincs ?

    Anyone do Manchester to Lincolnshire often ? I need 4 car wheels/tyres delivering & the couriers want way more than the jobs worth. Anyone ??
  5. DCStubbs

    Can anyone recommend paint bodywork in North Lincs

    I have crackled paint on the rear bumper of my CLK - previous v.low speed impact and one arch that has some rust bubbling. Anyone recommend anywhere in Norths Lincs for quality/price
  6. T

    Decent indi in North Lincs?

    Does anyone know of a decent indi in the Scunthorpe/North Lincs area? I do have a decent garage that I have used for years but they are not so good when dealing with Mercs, they have said they haven't alot of dealings with them.
  7. RobertoMercini

    recommendation for anyone in Lincs

    Had a very pleasant experience with the local chips away technician, Martyn today, spent over 3 hours working on my rear bumper and he's done a fantastic job! Lots of speckle marks, not a single one left. Very happy indeed
  8. S

    Lincs newbie

    Hi all, Just about to collect a slinky little SLK200 this week and I thought I'd pop in and say hi!
  9. M

    Things to see near Boston (Lincs, not MA!)

    We have a short break next weekend in and around Boston. Are there any must-see places to visit? We like quiet villages, good walks and the occasional car/plane/etc diversions. I know the BoB Memorial Flight place is thereabouts (just a base, perhaps). Ideas?
  10. T

    Excellent specialists in Lincs & Cambs.

    Hi all, have had my 190e for almost 3 years a 1 owner full MB history bought off e-bay, i can reccomend a fully trained MB mechanic Stuart Clark recently started up on his own near Spalding Lincs totally honest & reliable Tel: 0844 736 1967 or e-mail [email protected]. Also had new bearings...
  11. Flip

    Specialist in Lincs

    Thoroughly recommend - Maclouds of Brigg Ltd West Terrace Brigg DN20 8LX 01652 658216 Indep Merc specialist - great service and good prices!!! :bannana:
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