1. Mr Fixit

    Braided lines on an E55

    Guys, in the past I have always changed the rubber brake lines for braided lines on the C32 and both my C55. I now have an E55 and need to replace the front metal pipes so thought I'd do the lines at the same time. The question is 'is it worth in on the E55?' mainly because of the assisted...
  2. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake pad upgrade & Brake Lines

    I've been advised to put stainless brake lines and better pads on my E55 - any recommendations?
  3. Steve320

    Tron Lines...

    Lovely car, the CLS - but the tron lines don't do it for me...
  4. jc62b

    Reverse camera guidance lines

    Hey guys, 2014 c coupe, ntg4.5. Is there any way to add the coloured guidance lines to the camera screen using hidden menus? Mine at present just shows rear view & id really like the guidance lines if it is possible. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  5. mpc

    Rear Demister - Lines not working

    I have noted that the centre of the 2 top lines of the rear demister on my 61 plate C250 estate are not working, all the lines below and the 2 vertical lines are working but the 2 between the vertical lines at the top are not? Any Ideas if this can be fixed?
  6. J

    W163 fuel lines

    Replaced the fuel lines a couple of days ago and have'n't been able to start the engine since. Drained the battery (twice) trying to start the engine, no air bubbles in new lines, but I'm panicking now that I may have put the fuel lines in the wrong ports of the HP pump. Can someone confirm...
  7. C

    W124 Replacing fuel lines

    Evening All, I have been shown a fuel leak under my E220 W124 coupe due to corroded fuel line. It was in for a Value service at Gatwick MB dealer who identified it and showed me the leak on video, it was like a dripping tap! The leak looks like its at the rear just before it runs up to the...
  8. K

    2 Lines Coming From Fuel Pimp

    Guys, One of the pipes popped off the other day and the car conked out. Diesel everywhere! One of the pipes coming off the high pressure fuel pump and into a T piece sheared off. I'm assuming it had snapped before on a previous owner and they done a DIY fix. It kinda goes plastic to...
  9. CowleyStJames

    2010 W204 rear brake lines mot advisory

    Just had MOT on my 2010 W204 Cdi estate, and the MOT inspector showed me the rear steel lines and advised me to grease them up before the winter as there was quite a bit of surface rust on them. He's put it down as an advisory. Anyone else had this and what would you advise as a coating to put...
  10. M

    W124 E300D Air in Fuel Lines

    Hi - over last few months my 96 W124 E300D has started intermittently cutting out usually within a mile of leaving home. It all started after I ran out of fuel once. When it fails there is no fuel in the fuel lines, just air. Cranking / leaving for a few minutes sees it running again...
  11. zaen1

    cost of replacing fuel lines w202 c200

    Hi, does anyone know the cost of replacing all fuel lines on a w202 c200 and where i could get them from apart from the dealers. Had an mot done and was told the fuel lines are corroded,few weeks later and i have a big fuel leak from the drivers side rear wheel area. Car is not driveable so...
  12. D

    Cornering lines

    So on my way home today following a disco down a b road at 60mph. He lines up for a 135° left by half crossing the white line. Pretty poor road positioning I think as the corner is unsighted so not much chance to see anything oncoming. He then moves back to take the corner, but what happens...
  13. M

    Brake lines Schematic for S211 E270 Model 2003

    Hi can anyone prove a brake lines schematic for the E270 T model 2003? Brake fluid is leaking from the n/s front just in front of the front door area. Also any advice on the repair, will copper pipe suffice? Any help is greatly appreciated. Mahussain.
  14. S

    W202 C250TD Clear Fuel Lines

    Hi, apart from my local MB dealers, I have been told that someone on the forum sells the complete clear fuel lines kit, with o rings and copper washers for a W202 C250 TD. If so, could someone be kind enough to let me know. My car will only start if left facing downhill due to air entering the...
  15. E

    1997 w202 brake lines

    Hi hope someone can help? A friend of mine as been told that in order to replace his corroded brake lines they will have to drop the rear axle, is this really necessary? Cheers
  16. W

    No white lines = no self drive cars

    There is a lot of noise about removing white lines. All of the current systems for 'self drive' cars (including Merc's Distronic Plus & Tesla's Autopilot) totally rely on white lines. So just as the world is moving in that direction, the UK councils & government think it a good idea to remove them !
  17. bpsorrel

    No more white lines!

    Tell me this is a joke! Please!! End of the road for white lines on highways - Telegraph
  18. J

    Back lines on comand screen w207

    Hi all, I picked up a new to me 09 e350 coupe yesterday in a private sale, didn't realise until today that there seems to be a fault with the screen on the comand unit. There are 4 horizontal black lines where it looks like the pixels are not working at all. I have had a look online but can't...
  19. S

    w210 fuel lines

    hi guys,just ordered several new fuel pipes for my e300 td still got the old clear ones have been advised to change them before winter,could a basic knowledge person change them or is a mechanic better off doing it,cheers.
  20. manofgresley

    Air Intake Vacuum Lines (CLK 320 - M112) 2001

    Hi All. I have attached 2 photos of my engine, can i safely assume that i have got the components right in Pic 1? Pic 2 shows a vacuum line coming from the rear of the Right Cylinder Intake Bank (As looking from the Radiator) and dissapears into the Bulk Head, does anyone know where it...
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