1. gigdesigns

    Linguatronic POI search UK not possible

    I've recently bought a C Class W205 which I believe has Comand NTG5*2. I've starting to learn some of the MB voice commands, one of which is the navigation command: "POI by name" (You can also say "Points of interest by name") This command should allow you to do a keyword POI search, however...
  2. dad4geer

    Linguatronic query!

    I set it up on the weekend and tried various commands like "play from USB", "start navigation.." , "Cancel route guidance"..etc. and they all worked fine. Today while I was listening to a song and I wanted it to go back 2 minutes. Being a user of Apple TV where I do this so many times watching a...
  3. P

    Linguatronic module part numbers

    Does anyone (possibly with access to EPC) know the correct part numbers for a 2005 (ie MOST bus) linguatronic module for a R230 SL? Alternatively...... Can anyone confirm that module A203 820 7585 is suitable for this car? Thanks to anyone who may be able to provide this information...
  4. P

    Retrofit linguatronic, R230 with MOST

    Does anyone know the part number (and cost) for the wiring harness needed to retrofit linguatronic to 2005 R230 with MOST bus? Thanks for any help! Paul G
  5. K

    Manual for linguatronic ntg2.5

    Hi I need manual (pdf?) for linguatronic for my cls's command ntg 2.5. I got the manual for the command but there was seperate manual for linguatronic which Im missing. Can anybody help? Thanks
  6. jacksona

    Linguatronic - I'm bewildered!

    Guys, Just picked up a 2009 W219 CLS 350 Grand Edition. It has NTG 2.5. I've just trained the Linguatronic, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to activate it, as the car doesn't have the column stalk, or activation buttons on the steering wheel! How do I use Linguatronic...
  7. B

    W212 Linguatronic quirk

    Hi All My boss' W212 E220 CDI has developed a slightly unusual glitch with the Linguatronic controls for the Navigation. When he uses the speaker button to activate it and search an address, the car opens up his phone book. Not the navigation addresses. Also, pressing the NAV button then...
  8. andy27168

    Retro fit Linguatronic

    Hi, I am exploring the option of retro fitting Linguatronic in my CLS55, Has anyone done this? offer any pointers? I have done a bit of research, and it seems that I will need to find a Linguatronic control unit and fit an additional stalk on the steering column, and a new steering column...
  9. wongl

    Problem with Linguatronic retrofit on NTG2.5

    I retrofitted two Linguatronic stalks to both my W169 A-Class cars today. One worked straight away, but the second one didn't. Interesting to note that the second unit is missing a Linguatronic menu option in the System menu, so I suspect this NTG 2.5 needs to be coded to enable Linguatronic...
  10. R

    Newbie help. C class 2012 w204 linguatronic

    Hey guys Hope you can help. I am both new to this forum and new to owning a Mercedes. I bought a used 2012 be se c200 Cdi auto estate. Great car so far I just don't know how to work the steering wheel and linguatronic. Sat nav When I push the linguatronic button no matter what...
  11. R

    Use Linguatronic to navigate home

    I have a CLC350 with COMAND NTG2.5 and Linguatronic. Can anybody suggest how I can use Linguatronic to navigate home? I have put my home address in memory as "My Address", but if I say "Navigate My Address" usually the COMAND goes to Telephone mode! I read elsewhere that it is best to add a...
  12. R

    Linguatronic - how does it cope in France?

    I'm thinking of ordering Linguatronic for my car. However, as I live in France, I am wondering how it would cope with French addresses and towns? For example, if I wanted to go to Nice, would I have to pronounce the town name as in "nice guy" to get it to work? Or will it understand if I...
  13. B

    Command linguatronic control unit

    CLC 2008 : My Linguatronic has stopped working, I figure it must be the control unit, there are a bewidering number on ebay and online, does anyone know what the right part number is for my CLC 2008 (W203 I think) Also has anyone ever fitted one to the MOST, where is it ? thanks
  14. B

    CLc Command 2 Linguatronic

    Hi, new to mercedes my car has a command satnav with linguatronic, this worked fine until today. Last night I entered a load of numbers into the phone book by linguatronic, today when I pull the stick to activate the linguatronic nothing happens. Have I inadvertently turned something off while...
  15. Kingpin!

    R-Class Linguatronic buttons retrofit

    Hi forum! I wonder what steps to take to change/go from 4+4 buttons to 5+5 buttons on a 2006 R-Class (guess it's exactly the same with ML & GL)? Is it a DYI? TIA!
  16. Gollom

    Add Linguatronic to NTG1

    OK, I know this is probably going to make me gasp, but.... If it is even possible, how much to add linguatronic to NTG1 with Fiscon Pro?
  17. R

    ML steering wheel with Linguatronic buttons

    On ebay I spotted a brand new black W164 (pre 2009 facelift) steering wheel with the linguatronic buttons. If you have retrofitted COMAND NTG2.5 to your ML, this is all you need to get the linguatronic function working. The switch packs costs more than the cost of this wheel, so its a good way...
  18. B

    Newbie Linguatronic Questions

    So I have the new, to me, CLS (350 Grand Edition) and it has Linguatronic. I have done the voice recogntion exercises and this is what's eluding me so far: If I have the map on screen, for instance and I pull the stalk, I only get navi options - Can I pull the stalk and say "radio" or "audio"...
  19. kianok


    I have a slight issue with linguatronicthat maybe someone can help me with. 90% of the time it works fine, however sometimes when i ask to to call someone, rather than giving me the line number to chose from (the person i want to call) it just reads out my entire phone book list, which i can't...
  20. M

    linguatronic lever

    Does anyone know that part number for the w906 sprinter?
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