1. C

    Cruise control linked to engine cutting out/rough idle?

    Hello again guys. Having fun with my father in-laws CL420 Had a flat tyre last week, and straight after developed a random/intermittent cutting out problem at idle or overrun/coasting (throttle closed) Took off throttle body for inspection, cleaned butterfly and re-installed correctly...
  2. A

    Oil gauge linked to fix 12v ?!?!

    Hi, My oil gauge is fly to the top on ignition switch pos 1 (engine not started). Whle I am driving it sits on the same place at every rpm....... I have a feeling that the sender is send fix max pressure signal.... Any idea ? Cheers
  3. D

    rough idle/oil light on -linked? worried

    Vehicle: SL320 1999 WDB 129064 2F 177672 7 ENGINE 112943 30 333401 GEARBOX- 722607 0 1207121 Ireland Hi, My car was serviced 6400miles ago (oil service due in 3600 miles). Today my oil light came on - I pulled into a petrol station and checked the level - nearly empty - topped it up by 1L of...
  4. C

    Stereo linked to main CPU ?

    G'afternoon Recently had some work done to my S430 that required the removal of one rear door. The garage refitted the door but didn't have the correct issue software to reset the main CPU (to let it know the door has been put back on !) so I'm getting an SRS airbag warning and the soft close...
  5. reflexboy

    Are my elecric windows linked to the ABS?

    About once a month my ABS warning light comes on. The next time I drive the car is isn't on and as it only occurs so infrequently I haven't done anything about it except clean the front ABS sensors. Today I noticed that whilst the ABS light was on, the one touch 'down' feature on the front...
  6. Mozzer

    PS2 linked to Laptop

    Does anyone know whether I can use the USB port on the front of my PS2 and link my laptop to it and use that as the display so that wifey can watch Emmerdale on the TV whilst I just hook my laptop up and use that to play Tiger Woods on ? Cheers Stuart
  7. J

    New MOT database linked to DVLA and Insurance

    Has anyone else got any info about the new Oracle MOT database can do? Here's what I've heard: - Launched on 1st January. - MOT has to be logged into the machine step by step as it is being done. - MOT is timed, take too little time and the inspector gets audited! - MOT database is linked to...
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