1. Druk

    Linking sub-account to email client

    I have opened an email sub-account in wifies name with BT Yahoo mail. That works OK but would like to link it to my Thunderbird email so that any incoming could be read without logging in to Yahoo...which is a pain. BT Mumbai say it can't be done. Are they correct? Ta.
  2. Mr Kripling

    Linking Key to Seat Memory

    Is there any way of linking the seat and other memory settings to a key on a C215? On my Phaeton when you opened the driver's door all the movable bits went to the memory settings that you'd linked to the key that was used to unlock the car. Harry
  3. Spinal

    Linking a mobile and a landline...

    Another weird/deviant one from me... I want to link an old mobile phone with my landline, so that I can make calls from a third line (another mobile phone) to the old mobile phone, and then out of the landline... kind of like a proxy server. Reason being, I have free international calls...
  4. W

    Recommendation: Linking Google Maps to GPS device

    I've recently discovered this very useful software called 'TYRE' for linking Google Maps to your TomTom/Garmin device. Tyre It enables you to plan routes easily on your home PC then upload them on to your GPS device. I find the TomTom itinerary planner difficult and slow to use, so seldom...
  5. Tan

    Linking photos to from facebook

    Hi I have quite a few photos from the Powered by Mercedes Event, that I have just got around to putting up on my facebook account, is there a way to link the photos from Facebook straight to the thread about the events photos? Thanks Tan
  6. Gollom

    Linking hubs - Crossover needed?

    Going from a wireless/wired hub (Belkin FS07632-4) to a wired hub (NET-LYNX SW8055SX-C)and then on to another wired hub (Netgear DS108) Why is there something in the back of my mind that the connecting cables need to be crossover? I have cable, ends and a crimp tool so easy for me to do
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