1. jonnyboy

    linky for wheels fitment/offset website

    Hi all Got a new pc and have lost favourites folder in error grrrr. I had a link to a site which listed all Merc models, wheels available with tyre size/offset etc. Have tried unsuccessfully to search. Anyone got the link please? I'll post the reason later :)
  2. Satch

    Linky to Ariel Motor Co (Atom!) I feel an unwise purchase coming on.
  3. simonl

    nice linky for those that "work with computers"

    Hi all, Found this fab little link. O'Reilly's complete CD bookshelf someone has genereously left open to the whole world...... O'Reilly's CD bookshelf Unix users may find wget -m url (and 275 Mb of free space) quite useful at this point in time ;) (Sorry, don't know the equivalent...
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