1. G

    Carbon fibre front lip for facelift w204

    Bought a carbon front lip from rush design uk. They make all there stuff in house so no crap carbon from China. Not much need for me anymore as it's just arrived after 1 month of ordering!!! Now the car is sold. Bought for just under £300. It's brand new so I'm looking to get most of my...
  2. clk320x

    Replacement Lip Spoilers

    Where is a good place to get OEM quality replacement lip spoilers? The reason I ask is my bootlid needs to be resprayed for rust work and the lip spoiler removed to work on it.. it may break on removal? Hence looking for a replacement Abs
  3. Cymruambyth

    New boot lip.

    I fancied changing the look of the boot but wanted subtlety so........
  4. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS55 AMG Front Lip

    Anyone recommend a decent supplier? loads on eBay.
  5. KillerHERTZ

    CLS55 AMG Front Lip Spoiler

    Anyone got one they would like to sell?
  6. T

    Mode Carbon Front Lip, Diffuser and Spoiler

    Managed to get my hands on some Mode Carbon Front Lip, Diffuser and Spoiler. Anyone else on the forum had these installed before? Can you share your experience and advise? I've managed to get some guides from mbworld, however hearing from someone on here would be appreciated. thanks
  7. B

    2012 c220 elegance front lip

    Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has one for sale or recommends anywhere to get a black front lip for my c220? I have checked eBay and such but they seem awfully dear for what they are. I picked up a boot lip for 40 quid but front lips seems to be 200+. Cheers in advance for any replies!
  8. 1

    Cls 219 front lip

    Anyone bought and fitted a front lip that is good quality and fitment? I had one fitted but broke it today. I bought it from a forum member so not sure where it was from. Thanks
  9. T

    Front spoiler lip cover

    Where's best place to get the front spoiler lip cover in black like on the CLA 45 for my CLA 180 AMG? Many thanks
  10. T

    Front lip cover

    Hi, new to site so apologies in advance if posted in wrong area. I have a 63 plate CLA 180 AMG and I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get an unpainted front lip cover from like on the CLA 45 AMG (the black part at the bottom of the front bumper in the picture) as I want the side skirt...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    CLS Front Lip / Spoiler / Diffuser

    Anyone have one of these lying around for sale? Needs to be one for the AMG front bumper obviously :)
  12. lisa110rry

    Wacking great big tellies and poor 'lip sync'

    This week, I'm dog sitting a friend's two Labradors in his home. He has a massive curved Samsung telly,unbelievably large, and BT telly thing and I'm currently watching 'Ripper Street' (which isn't as good as it was) on it. Perhaps it's because Ican actually see the faces very clearly, but...
  13. D

    Carbon fiber boot lip wanted

    Wanted for c63 my14... Preferably boca Carbon rear diffuser also wanted Thanks
  14. Oxonmb

    E Class Coupe Boot lip spoiler

    Hi Looking for a boot spoiler for 2010 E class coupe, preferably either carbon or painted Capri Blue metallic. Thanks
  15. M

    AMG alloy - lip polishing

    Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere that can refurb my AMG alloys but I want the lips polished not diamond cut. Regards Amer
  16. c_200k

    19" W212 facelift genuine 10 spoke Black/grey with polished lip

    Looking for these guys
  17. T

    CLS Rear lip spoiler

    Right chaps, can anyone give me a link to the W219 rear lip spoiler? I know there's a load on E'Bay but I'd rather get one from where it's tried and tested if you know what I mean. Just don't want to order one and the fitment's rubbish.
  18. A

    Lip stone chip

    Hiya all, washing my car this morning I came across quite a nasty stone chip, will this be an easy DIY jobbie? Only it's stands proud and will need a bit of felting to make neat, Was thinking a paint pen and I've got an abrasive pen for doing this type of repair. Also is this part made of...
  19. J

    R170 Boot Lip Spoiler?

    Does anyone know if this boot lip spoiler was ever fitted as standard to the R170?I think it might have been an option with the AMG kit...? Thx Painted Process Trunk Spoiler for Mercedes R170 A Type SLK200 230K 1996-2004 | eBay Rear Trunk Spoiler Mercedes R170 A Type SLK200 200K 230K...
  20. T

    CLS rear Lip Spoiler

    So, I've seen a few CLS's with rear lip spoilers. Has anyone fitted one and if so where was it from? I've seen them advertised on FleeBay but you can never be sure of the quality and fit.
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