1. S

    Coolant liquid mixing with engine oil

    I have a 2014 c220 coupe 2014 and i noticed that the coolant liquid needs to be refilled. Strangely the engine oil level is rising and its colour is changing. What could be the problem. Im taking the car to an authorised service station next week. Car is still under UK warranty but at the moment...
  2. G

    Coolant liquid route

    I have had a leak on my E250 saloon 2009 for a while. The car has not been driven since the leak discovered. Can anyone tell me the path that coolant liquid takes after you put some into the expansion tank. Within a minute or so it's pissing out from under the the engine somewhere. What could...
  3. reflexboy

    Air freshner-No so Liquid Leather

    I love the smell of a new car and tried these so called 'new car scent' and they really don't live up to their name. I'm not a lover of an over powering air freshener so after much googling I thought I'd go for a Liquid Leather air freshener-"the smell of real leather"......apparently. It...
  4. R

    Blue liquid tank

    Was chatting at work today, and a colleague asked if my car needed this Blue liquid stuff topping up. Apparently her husbands Mercedes needs it, and it is £37 a litre? I have heard of this in some cars, but am not sure which it is for. I believe it is to do with diesel efficiency and emissions...
  5. tonyc280

    Farecla G3 Scratch Remover Liquid

    Just got my hands on some of the above and have to say how brilliant it is. Some "have not" keyed my pristine C280 down the passenger side but didn't press hard enough to go thru the lacquer thank god. Well i polished away with my new liquid and couldn't believe how fast and well it works...
  6. G

    Err...strange clear oily liquid leaking from front of Transmission (not trans fluid)

    Sorry for all the transmission questions...I drove my car around today and then got under it to do some preliminary research on the ATF change. I then i noticed this strange clear yellowish fluid leaking onto the floor, from the front of the transmission (is that the torque converter)? It was...
  7. grober

    Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor the answer?

    Is this the answer to our intermediate future energy needs? The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: key for a safer and less expensive nuclear technology? | Nuclear Energy Insider Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor AHs2Ugxo7-8
  8. D

    Large Liquid Containers wanted

    Hi As some may know my Partner chairs a Pre-School - that is a Registered Charity. In a couple of weeks (27th), the village is holding their annual duck race. Thousands of little yellow plastic ducks will be bobbing down the local river. Winner gets a prize...
  9. WDB124066

    Liquid Plastic For Repair Job

    Gents, Does anybody have a recommendation for replacing the small piece of plastic that has been sheared off this small piece of plastic, it is for the roll top box lock on a 124. I want to build up the sheared off part. I am thinking of something like liquid metal as it has to be very...
  10. R

    Gliptone - Liquid Leather Air Freshner - Anyone got one? Any good, large or small?

    Hi, Does anyone use Gliptone - Liquid Leather Air Freshner? If so how do you find it, what'd the logevity like, is it over-poweing and do you have the small or large one? Cheers, R
  11. C

    Leather seat codes for Liquid Leather

    Morning Can anyone tell me what colour my leather interior is? My dear Daughter thought I'd like pretty pictures all over her seat in pink biro, but she was wrong.... I put my vin into the Russian site and got this: 'leather gray / slate gray / alpaca gray / orion gray (208)' I assume...
  12. L

    Liquid "sloshing" around under my floor, what could it be?

    Just came back in from a drive in my E230, and I've noticed what sounds like water sloshing from front to back under my floor-pan on the passenger side when I brake. It sounds like a substantial amount, would there be a space where rain water could get trapped in this area? It was'nt there...
  13. D

    Check Washer fluid liquid level?

    Hi, As most of you know, i have a w211 e270cdi, this malfunction just popped up, and was wondering what the best solution is to get for it, do you guys get it from MB or what? Also, whereabouts does it go, cheers!
  14. SilverSaloon

    Orion Grey Leather Paint (liquid Leather)

    hi i have for sale a pot of unused ORION GREY LIQUID LEATHER SCUFF MASTER stuff as described HERE: from the website..... 250ml costs £17.95; I WILL SELL THE POT FOR £11 which includes postage. Just PM me if interested. It will match all...
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