1. The Boss

    Good News!

    Major interior makeover for new Mercedes C-Class | Autocar
  2. G

    Audio 20 (2005) - Listening to MP3 songs and hands free phone calls?

    Hello, everyone I have an audio 20 (not sure what version but I attach a pic and the car is 2005 E280 CDI Classic), Single CD that can't play MP3 songs. Also, I don't have a Bluetooth connection in the car. I wonder if there is any Aux In, USB or any slots other than the CD slot. I would...
  3. C

    What are you listening to right now?

    On your daily drive... may be it's a song stuck in your head... or your favourite radio station... Mine... I've mostly had the Best of the Isley Brothers in repeat for the past few days.
  4. Howard

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Right now ! ( if you are in the office or something , whatevers in the car also counts ! ) I am listening to :- Joe Bonamassa - Live from Nowhere in Particular . And it rocks ! :rock:
  5. Howard

    Whats everyone listening to at the moment ?

    A good few months have elapsed since we last had one of these threads ... So ... What's everyone listening to ? Doesn't have to be this very second , but just generally in the car or at work or whatever .... My wife is out so i am checking out Metallicas new album ' Death Magnetic ' (...
  6. A

    We Need some Happy Threads. What are you listening to in the car now.

    Hello The forum seems to have a fair few posts that have got a bit heated lately and I for one don't like it. I'm too laid back and anything for an easy life:bannana: So we need some happy threads... What are you listening to in the car be it CD, ipod etc... Mine is the theme...
  7. whitenemesis

    What you Listening to???

    Am listening to Wishbone Ash "Argus" and the "King will come" Memories of the '70's :D
  8. Howard

    Who is listening to what ?

    Resurrecting an old topic of discussion ...... :rolleyes: What is everyone listening to right now .....? 'Def Leppard - Hysteria ( remastered ) ' in Toad Hall at the mo ..... :rock:
  9. Howard

    Whats everyone listening to ?

    Ok, i know its been done before ,but what's everyone listening to at the moment ? :) 'Pearl Jam - Ten' on the gramophone here !!
  10. Koolvin

    What are you listening to right now?

    What are you listening to right now? I like listening to music while I surf (not TV for background noise) at the moment I have: Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
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