1. D

    S124 listing

    The problem continues, the car lists to one side, the drivers side is too low. We thought we'd found the problem, that being two different rear springs, but replacing them both, fitting new suspension pads front and rear hasn't solved the problem. The car is lower both front and back on...
  2. D

    2009 C320 - immaculate - listing below - make me an offer?

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  3. N

    Ebay 2.3-16 E167 ODE - lies in listing

    Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 16v Cosworth - Manual - FSH - PX Classic Car, Porsche As well as the wheels being non MB fakes & the door cards coming from a standard non-16v 190E the car doesn't have the following equipment the seller has claimed it has in the 'Item specifics'. Driver Airbag...

    Best Ever Autotrader Listing...

    Surely got to be a contender for best ever?, this had me in stiches:D MG TF 1.8 135 Sprint 2dr
  5. mercmush

    Brutally honest listing!

    Here's someone who's not pulling any punches: 2001 MERCEDES ML500 AUTO | eBay
  6. npuk

    Why you shouldnt steal other peoples images for your ebay listing ....

    Audi TT Mk1 Fuel Filler Bolt Conversion | eBay
  7. sl300 ireland

    strange listing

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  8. mct_cars

    Fraudulent Listing? 300SL R107

    I recon this is fraudulent. Anyone else? eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  9. S

    Software version updates, where can I find a listing?

    Only because of previous cars owned, we were able to tap into a listing of various software updates, patches and throwaway parts (provided by the factory*) Is there a list of software updates for the MB range. Everything electronic that can be linked up by the MB engineers and updated.....if...
  10. BenzedUP

    Paint code..

    Hi, Where can I find out the paint code for my car? (designo mystic blue) Thanks. Regards Josef. :)
  11. A

    worst eBay listing ever???

    barely readable PUNTO GT TURBO SHOW CAR MODIFIED PROJECT PRIVET S3 EEN on eBay, also, Fiat, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 16-Jun-09 01:44:07 BST)
  12. T

    Help with my ebay listing

    The TT is finally done and will be started on a 12 day classified advert on ebay tommorow at 3pm I was wondering if anyone could look at what i intend to put in the listing and see if ive got anything drastically wrong 140,000 miles 11 months MOT (Passed with no warnings) 5 months road tax...
  13. Spinal

    eBay listing software

    I'm going to list a load of junk I've piled up, but as I want to take advantage of the 5p listing day (the 3rd) I want to compile all my listings tonight and tomorrow... I'm going to try The Poster Toaster , but I seem to read good reviews for Auctiva Any recomendations? Oh, and as I'm a...
  14. Venomous

    Brabus W203 Parts Listing

    Whilst trolling for the part number for their gear shifter, I found this - this... Enjoy!
  15. Vito

    FleaBay Motors free listing 19/20 May

    Dust off that old 300SL Gullwing in the garage and sell it free!!!
  16. grober

    Sportline specs 190/ w124 MB listing

    Following on from a post on the general section. Heres a copy of the official sportline options spec and price list dated Sept 1990. Since lots of folks on here are interested I decided to post it in favorites. Enjoy with my complements.:)
  17. M

    10p Listing Day Today

    cars not included though.
  18. F

    Advice on listing a car on Ebay?

    I am planning to list my W140 coupe on Ebay - it is in the classifieds here. Not done a car listing before - so what pitfalls should i be aware of? What text should i put in the listing to ward off tyre kickers and people who bid and not purchase?
  19. SilverSaloon

    5p listing day on ebay

    hi just a heads up; 5p listing day today :) thanks!
  20. M

    10p listing days 9th and 10th
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