1. K

    W211 E Class estate. My wheel has literally fallen off.

    I swapped all the my wheels over today for Summers, tightened all lug bolts up, set off with wife, son, elderly mother and dog for a walk. Ten minutes later I heard a grinding type noise from offside rear followed by a slight wobble. I stopped the car a found that the locking wheel nut was...
  2. B

    ML 270 intermittent Limp mode home (literally)

    Interesting and worrying experience happened today with my ML270. About 10mins after start up , while driving I noticed the Climate control/HVAC system had shut down completely i.e. no a/c or fan control. then car went into Limp mode. Pulled to the side of road, did the usual switch off ignition...
  3. C

    E320 CDI (w211) giving me a headache .. Literally!

    I have a problem with my e320 CDI. I put up a post earlier regarding the lambda sensor as I thought it could me the cause of my problems. I've changed it since but still have the error codes as attached. I still have the poor performance issue. There is quite a strong smell coming from the car...
  4. developer

    A Law Unto Themselves - quite literally.

    A little evening ditty to share with you. I approached a major crossroads today and sat in the traffic a few cars back from the red light. Opposite me, on the double yellows lines and about 30ft from the lights was a police van, facing into the traffic. He'd got two wheels on the double...
  5. The Boss

    BACK TO THE FUTURE - Literally

    Gents, Ladies, so today i went to collect my car from Mercedes-Benz of Lincoln. What an amazing experience, and what a dealership! They come highly highly recommended. Anyhow, putting my car aside for just one minute, look what i spotted on the showroom floor, for sale, and may i say, put some...
  6. iscaboy

    New Jag crashed, literally, because of computers onboard

    Slashdot | New Jaguar XJ Suffers Blue Screen of Death also at Jaguar XJ Super Sport goes all Blue Screen of Death on us | Crave | CNET UK Modern cars are no mere mechanical devices. They're pervasively monitored and controlled by dozens of computers linked by internal vehicular networks so...
  7. Simon

    Heads up (Literally) Meteor shower tonight

    You have lo look to the East from about 9pm until 4am, let's hope it's not cloudy.
  8. P

    (Gear) knob in hand - literally

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help - I have a 05 model W203 with Sport pack - auto shift lever has a silver cap on top of gear shift. Yesterday the top section came away in my hand:crazy: . There are a number of plastic 'prongs that locate down into the leather bound section, but I can find no way of...
  9. A

    Door catch (literally)

    This morning when I got in my car to go to work this happened... Opened door - got in - closed door **SICKENING METALLIC CLUNK*** quickly opened door and got out thinking the seatbelt fastener had caught in the door. What has occurred I really don't know but there is a good chunk of the...
  10. Steve_Perry

    Nearly a kill... quite literally.

    Well I was driving to Halfords to get some replacement brake bulbs, approx 7pm tonight, when I had one of the scariest moments in my 17 years of driving :confused: I was doing approx 45 in a 40 limit on a dual carriageway (okay so I'm no angel :devil: ) In the distance a set of traffic...
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