1. Charles Morgan

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    I met a very nice chap at Prescott hill-climb yesterday with an immaculate W201 2.6 litre 4 speed auto. He has a perfect 3 litre engine he wants to fit to give the car a bit more punch (it did exceptionally well on the hill-climb driving school). He thinks it is a straight swap, I identified...
  2. optimusprime

    mercedes 190e 2 litre recon cyl head on ebay

    This is a part is on Ebay .My friend told me it was on there , as some relation of his is selling it .As they no longer have the car . It was recond and info is in the listing on Ebay if interested item number is-12354156670 .You would be happy with this cyl head And the .price is £185
  3. DavE400

    E400 Coupe - 3 litre v 3.5 litre engine

    Hi can anyone advise. I have a 3l V6 2014 E400 AMG sport plus and spotted a 2015 E400 AMG line coupe that sparked my interest The AMG Line apparently has a 3,5 litre V6 engine but both cars have the same bhp and performance stats. Trying to understand the benefits of the 3.5 litre...
  4. D

    Mercedes C320 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristin

    MERCEDES C320 SPORT CDI A, GREY, 2009, Mercedes, C Class, Grey, 2009, 45000 miles, 4 doors, Saloon, Automatic, Diesel, 3L V6, ABS, Alarm, immobiliser, alloy wheels, CD player, central locking, electric folding mirrors, electric windows, heated seats, power steering, radio, satelite navigation...
  5. R

    6 litre 210

    Mercedes-Benz E 420 BRABUS 6.0 V8 als Kombi in Tallinn
  6. brucemillar

    SLK280 (3 litre) auto. Battery drain?

    2008 registered (2007 model) SLK280 (3 litre) auto. 52K miles. Guys. This is for a friend of mine. His car has now had four batteries replaced due to a battery drain issue. The battery drains in a 1 - 2 weeks. Both the AA and Mercedes have failed to find the fault/cause. Any clues where he...
  7. T

    CLS 218 80 litre fuel tank - apparently

    How much have others managed to get into their CLS 218 fuel tanks? The most I've ever managed is just over 70 litres. Is the tank really 80 litres? what happens when I don't refuel after the fuel warning goes red (miles-left range no longer shown). Is there some kind of reserve? Is there really...
  8. 1

    E500 5.5 litre V8 UK 08 plate - Starting Problems

    E500 5.5 litre V8 UK 08 plate - Starting Problems I have an intermittent starting problem. The car is happy to do a...
  9. DanMorgan

    3.2 Litre 190e & Twin Turbo W124 30024v [CC]

    On Cars and Classics: 190e: 190E - 3.2 "The Baby Hammer" For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C680319] w124: W124 - 300E-24V Twin Turbo (TT) For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C680317]
  10. Peter DLM

    My E63 asking for a litre of oil at 5,500 miles.

    The car popped a message up on the dash to add a litre of oil at my next fuel fill up. Duely added a litre of 0-40w today. Surprised it took this long as it's had a fair amount of hard work so far. Anyone get asked to add oil between services?
  11. K

    Reet Petite 5 Lit[re] SEC "This car was once owned by Jackie Wilson the singer..." Jackie died in the US after being in a semi-comatose state for nine years on 21 January 1984. This car was registered on 30 December 1984: Was Jackie...
  12. T

    150,000 Miles on a V8 5 Litre

    Hello folks, Looking for some opinions please?. 150,000 miles on a MB Serviced V8 5 litre. Too high or a hundred or so left? Any suggestions welcome? Trev
  13. F

    M113 5.4 litre engine

    Hi All, I can't resist it, so I'm looking for a 5.4 litre M113 (342bhp?) to put in my C43. Preferably with the engine wiring, but not essential and mileage not too important as (unless it's really clean and low miles) I'll be taking it to bits anyway. If it's still in a car, that's...
  14. Sp!ke

    28 litre Fiat S76 runs for the first time in 100 years

    Fascinating stuff.
  15. mark_le_b

    C280 (3 litre) Balance Shaft Issue?

    Hi all Do UK models of the C280 - 3 litre petrol (2006/2007) suffer from the balance shaft issue that I've read about on the internet? Looking at a 2006/7 with 50k miles on it for the wife Common issues I searched for seemed to flag a balance shaft issue - but it was on blogs from...
  16. Palfrem

    6 litre Jeep

    Used - JEEP - GRAND CHEROKEE SW (6.1 V8 SRT-8 5dr Auto) - Sytner Solihull Madness or worth a look? In the mood to change the LC, but now my mileage has dropped significantly I am wondering about "interesting" replacements...
  17. D

    Anyone fancy some FUCHS ATF 41314 for £5.50 litre in NR31??

    Hi all, i plan on changing out my transmission fluid on my C220 CDi with the 722.6 unit. I have decided to opt for the FUCHS 4134 as this meets current MB 236.14 spec and is backwards compatible. I have found 20 litres online (eBay) @ £110 which is great value as it works out at £5.50 per...
  18. Mike Walker

    For sale - 1989 W201 Mercedes 190 2.0 Litre Manual Gearbox

    Sybil” – a number plate thing - was prepared for our daughter’s wedding in August, but has now become surplus to family requirements following the recent purchase of a Mercedes SLK. Details are as follows:- Mileage: 116054 Codes 147 - Arctic White 068A - Grey cloth interior 238 –...
  19. S

    3.0 litre CDI Power loss.

    Hi all, on my 2008 viano on three occasions over the last 2 days I have experienced a sudden power loss under acceleration.Power is there but much lower than normal.Stopped each time and restarted engine and all back to normal! Feels like limp mode but no engine management light shows on the...
  20. Stratman

    G Wagon with 5 litre V8 conversion

    From Autotrader A bit tatty but for £5k :cool:
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