1. clk320x

    How many litres 722.6

    Hey Guys, How many litres of ATF oil do I need for a CLK 209 722.6 Box? I looked at a old thread here by Olly and it says 6 litres? Including TC.. but dealer says 7.5? Cheers Abs
  2. clk320x

    What oil/ how many litres

    Hi guys, Anyone know what spec oil I need for a CLK320 petrol 2003 w209 And also how many litres required for an A service MB inchscape doing an offer £7.99 for filter so with delivery it's £12 for the oil filter Will check on MBnewcastle hence asking on here for the MB spec oil I need any...
  3. Grovsie31

    12 Litres 229.5 MB engine oil

    Asking for 40quid pickup from Stafford.
  4. Grovsie31

    12 Litres of MB 229.5 engine oil

    Same stuff as sold on ebay. Most of it was bought from there. Ill do the lot for 40quid pickup from stafford.
  5. RyanMuller

    How many litres of oil c32amg?

    Hello all, As you are probably aware the c32 has no dip stick. I have a free ramp I can use tomorrow and was wondering what the correct amount of oil was. Or I guess I could just ring Mercedes tomorrow. Thanks Ryan
  6. uumode

    Castrol Edge FST 5W30 4 litres only £24.99

    Castrol Edge FST 5W30 4 litres only £24.99 MB-Approval 229.31/ 229.51...
  7. John

    2.0 litres?

    2.0 litres?
  8. nb_racing

    2 litres...

    Saw this on my Facebook feed. Made me chuckle so I thought I'd share.
  9. ricardo62

    25 litres of veg in a tank

    Hi short quetion , i realise you cant run a common rail on pure veg , but will it be ok to put 25 litres in and top up with deisel to the brim ? just trying to save money ? veg in cash and carry is i believe around 70p a litre e320 cdi yr 2000
  10. I

    MPG!! Why not litres per 100 Miles??!!

    Surely, surely, that's an easier calculation!!
  11. K

    Alot of confusion about 0.3 litres

    Hi all. I have been really enjoying my time with my CLK, apart from the inevitable electrical problems... For a joke my friend typed my registration number into a HPI checking website, but we noticed the website thought my car, clearly badged as a CLK 200K was a CLK 230K. Abit confused, I...
  12. O

    W211 mag engine oil, how many litres?

    Thinking to get the oil ready for the next oil change, can someone tell me how many litres I need? Cheers
  13. Silver CL55

    MB229.1 oil on ebay for 13.99/4 litres

    Get some. Triple QX 10w40 Semi Part Synthetic Car Motor Engine Oil 5L (5 Litre) A3 B3 B4 | eBay
  14. ringway

    Mobil 1 ESP (5w-30) 5 Litres. £41.59 at Halfords.

    Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30. A good deal at £41.59 for 5 litres (especially if the trade card deducts 10% at the checkout). I would bet the trade card discount will only apply if bought in-store. It's still a good deal. LINK.
  15. C

    What brake fluid and how many litres to bleed the front and rears

    Having concluded my life is worth more than £160 (after members discount on ECP) for new Pagid brake discs, pads and sensors I thought i may aswell go the extra mile and bleed all the brakes after installation. :bannana: I have a few questions which I would appreciate if anyone could help me...
  16. R

    Mobil 1 oil for sale in 5 litres. £26

    Hi I have Mobil 1 oil for sale in 5 litres. Its Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 and its brand new. Its ideal if your going to supply your own when get your car serviced at MB. Please PM me if interested. Thanks Ian
  17. Alfie

    19.1 Litres of AMG in our workshop!

    Just a few pictures of an SL65 having DAB fittted, C63 having media interface fitted and Richards ML63 have full rear entertainment fitted. For those of you who have met Richard, you wont be at all surprised by this image!
  18. Darrell

    Litres to yards conversion.

    I am soon to undertake a project here that involves sinking an above ground swimming pool into the ground. To get a rough idea, for me and the client, of the muck to be removed I need to know how many 6 yard skips I would need. I need to excavate a hole and remove roughly 30,000 litres or...
  19. O

    Castrol Magnatec engine oil, 4 litres at 10 pounds, ASDA

    As we all do our shopping to ASDA I just like to point out not to forget to get some engine oil as well. There is the 10W40 rated 229.1 for MB, 10 pounds 4 litres is a good price :thumb: Castrol Magnatec 4 litres for £10 - Both fully/semi synthetic! Asda instore - HotUKDeals
  20. sspeed

    4 litres of oil gone in 70 miles

    Hi All, Today on the way to the Goodwood GTG (other forum...sorry) I had a warning that the engine oil was low and should be checked at next fuel stop. I added a litre of Mobil 1 at the nearest garage. This brought the reading on the dipstick to about a quarter way up the permitted level. Then...
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