1. H

    Live outlet W164

    Looking for permanent 12v outlet for fridge is there one or do they have one like s211 where you move fuse to make permanent?
  2. X

    Live traffic alerts/updates

    I have a S205 C250 Sport Premium. We used to get these updates, i.e. when on a route it would tell us that there was a holdup ahead and should it divert? However, we had issues with our first two satnav screens and ended up with a third, now reliable(ish) screen. But without the live traffic. I...
  3. ioweddie

    Do you like the area where you live?

    Here is some timeline footage of the Isle of Wight. I'm so glad I moved here 20 years ago: Incredible time-lapse film shows Isle of Wight's beauty
  4. C180AMG71

    Live Traffic Info expired.

    I got an email today from the local dealer which says the following: "We hope that you have enjoyed using our "Live Traffic Information" service. We are writing to inform you that your three years' free subscription of "Live Traffic Information" will soon expire". If I don't renew this...
  5. D

    Live traffic in command online - Is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a C63 2014 , i have just had an email from the dealer regarding my subscription for live traffic information is coming to an end. It is worth having this ? Does it work, everyone seems to use Waze now. Package is £39 for one year, or 89 for 3.
  6. Vintage Racer

    Goodwood Members Meeting - Live Stream....NOW! Full day's live coverage from Goodwood Members Meeting 2017 :bannana:
  7. H

    Switched live drivers side fuse board ??

    Trying to find an ignition switched live in the drivers side fuse box in order to fit my dash cam. All the circuits apear to be permanently live. Can anyone help:(
  8. gr1nch

    Nice and affordable areas to live in Lincolnshire or nearby?

    Hello ladies and gents, It would be very helpful to get your views on nice areas to live, that are also affordable. The wife and I are looking to move back to the UK this summer and settle down. We really liked Lincolnshire the few times we visited - the people and the hillier bits. We're also...
  9. gr1nch

    Long live the Landover Defender

    Land Rover Defender's spirit lives on as billionaire pours cash into new off-roader Fascinated how this will turn out. A genuinely new, thoroughbred 4x4 inspired by the Defender. Elon Musk reaches for the moon, this UK billionaire has a more earthy aim. And made in Britain! Can he pull it off!?
  10. X

    Live traffic updates

    I've had issues with the satnav on our S205 Sport Premium, resulting in the unit being replaced a couple of times under warranty. All seems to be settled now, except that we no longer receive live traffic updates. My dealer generally just scratches his head and offers no solution, but I'm...
  11. Marvin16x

    My brain says I should leave Germany to live in a van in the UK

    Hi all, I want to keep this as short as possible. I'm very unhappy with my life here in Germany and have been for many years now. I'm only 23 but could never really get along with the lifestyle of the western youth (submissively obey, party hard on the we, not care about anything etc). When I...
  12. sparkynw

    ML63AMG what's it like to live with?

    Always wanted an ML and whilst looking for a merc for a friend I've come across a very nice 63AMG with lovely extras. Whilst I love my CLA I've always wanted an ML and have been offered a good deal on mine. I know they won't be cheap to run. It's a 12 plate done 50k full MB history. I only do...
  13. R

    I hope I live to 100... long as I am the exception to the rule. Is there too much effort being put into preventing and curing disease etc...and thus the law of unintended consequences comes into play. ie...the increasing world population which is a growing problem for us...but mostly our children. I ask...
  14. E

    Garmin Sat Nav Live Traffic

    I've had a C Class with the Garmin factory fitted Sat Nav for last year, live traffic notifications worked fine until recently. Now when I check traffic it says searching but never provides results. Checked the subscription screen and it shows as a 3 year subscription and is active. Anyone else...
  15. D

    Mexican GP 2016 Live Thread.

    Come on Lewis. Let's have it. :bannana:
  16. E

    Live traffic in command online

    Does anyone know if the activation of the live traffic function that comes with command online is done when the Mercedes me is set up I am still waiting for dealer and or MB to activate my me connect account but want to know if this will activate live traffic as well
  17. MancMike

    Live now: MB Teating some trucks and G Class. Not live anymore, but the video is now in it's place.
  18. grumpyoldgit

    Live coverage of the Cosford Air Show available here.

    For any air show enthusiasts. WATCH LIVE: RAF Cosford Air Show 2016 « Express & Star
  19. S

    S212 permanent live feed

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place around the front glove box to take a permanent live from please a diagram would be helpful?
  20. J

    Free tickets to grand designs live

    Excel London.
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