1. MD5

    Liverpool tyre specialists

    Morning all! Can anyone recommend a good, competitive tyre service in the Liverpool area please? Nicked the sidewall on one of the fronts, so need a premature pair of 18"s. Grrr!
  2. MD5

    Any Liverpool Landlords on here?

    Hi All, I'll be working in Liverpool for three months until Xmas, but I'm struggling to find self contained accommodation this year. Can anyone help please? It may be that you are thinking of selling a property, but don't want a long term let? All agencies want a minimum of 6 months rental...
  3. M

    Hello from mb liverpool

  4. C Class Al

    Looking for recommendations Independant Merc garage Liverpool Merseyside area.

    Hi everyone as title says I am looking for a decent reputable Indie Merc garage as the B service will need doing soon 6000 miles left before service. Can any of you guys/girls suggest any garages that you have used in the past and you trust knowing that they do a good job :thumb: cheaper than...
  5. E

    Merctech in Liverpool

    Does anybody know anything about Merctech in Liverpool (Shaw Road Industrial Estate)? I'd like to check a couple of items on the car I just bought, which had been serviced there, and they don't appear in the UK Mercedes specialists forum.
  6. E

    Merctech in Liverpool?

    Does anybody know anything about Merctech in Liverpool? I just want to check a couple of items on a car I just bought, which had been serviced there.
  7. 00ormes

    Hi from Liverpool!!

    Am i able to post a new thread or has it got to be done in the new members bit first as I'm getting an error at the top of the page saying Dear 00ormes, You will not be able to use the Private message facility or reply/post to classified threads unless you have a 30 post count.To post a new...
  8. D

    found a Hunter tracking in Liverpool

    3D 4 wheel alignment and tracking in liverpool as recommended by mb-tech of Warrington... its: Wheel Alignment & Ball Joint Centre Ltd the advised me not to go to ATS for my alignment! (mods feel free to move this to the relevant section)
  9. D

    auto box oil change in liverpool

    hi all, Is there anyone here close enough or can recommend anyone in the liverpool area that can be trusted to do an autobox oil change on my w203? I would be annoyed if I went to somewhere and they said they are sealed for life? I want it done on par with blackc55's level of detail. Thanks, Deian
  10. E

    Wheel refurb near Liverpool

    Looking for a recommended wheel refurb company near Liverpool. Don't mind travelling a little to get the right job. The wheels are e class 19" diamond cut, no major damage, just want the wheels to look new again. Thanks all Andy
  11. Mr Fixit

    Indy in liverpool area

    Brother has a 1998 C250 with engine problems, head casket I think, with temp changes and pressure in coolant, he is not mechanical so needs a good Indy in the north west. Can you also let me know if these are worth saving as it is generally ok but has a very messy engine bay, and bro is skint...
  12. ringway

    Breaking News - Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist it... Again! :D:D:D
  13. DSLiverpool

    Wirral / Liverpool dwellers

    Sizeable meet at the cottage loaf pub near Irby this Thursday from 7ish. Few Mercs plus a few exotics and some nice banter in a newly refurbed pub.
  14. Tan

    Handyman in central liverpool

    Hi I have an apartment in central liverpool and I occasionally need basic works carried out, like changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky tap. In the past, I have been just leaving this to the managing agent, however recently they have started to issue some stupid bills without even asking...
  15. S

    Service & MOT in Liverpool

    After 5 years of driving company car and having company look after service etc, have recently purchased 2008 c class. I am looking to put it in for annual full service and I'm looking for an Independent in Liverpool. Was considering using MB Liverpool opposite Inchcape, has anybody had any...
  16. BillyW124

    New SL65 V12 on show @ Liverpool St Station

    Since Monday, the SL65 has been on show at Liverpool St Station. Anyone work around/pass through the station and seen it? Just been out on my lunch to get a close up. Beast of a thing that is. I think its awesome. :rock: However....I thought Merc have stopped making V12 motors now, Is this...
  17. ringway

    Breaking News. Liverpool Sign Bent.

    Liverpool Sign Bent.
  18. D

    MB Liverpool - Is this a good deal

    Had my C-Class service in January and looking to get an interim oil change. No idea on the costs of oil changes and seen this on the Living Social werbsite. Is it practical going for this deal or would a sole oil change be more cost effective. The Best Daily Deals in Liverpool -...
  19. Fatbloke

    New Member in Liverpool

    Hello all. Recently purchased a C180k Coupe and loving it. Has the panoramic roof and selectronic gearbox and after a seriously flimsy Saab its great to be back with German build quality. Will post a picture once I have got a decent one taken. Its my first mercedes although my dad has had...
  20. B

    gum cards for sale / beatles liverpool

    hello i have for sale beatles chewing gum cards , numbers as follows They are in good condition , i have had them for about 14 yrs , i am in allerton part of liverpool make a good offer and they are yours they are up for sale elsewhere so can be removed at any time my...
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