1. grober

    Side load spring technology

    Already posted on another topic, but perhaps worth repeating here. Side Load Coil Spring Technology - Part Info
  2. D

    How to load the suspension on a Mercedes Benz c220

    As stated in the title I would like to know how to load the suspension, any and all help appreciated :)
  3. F

    W447 Vito Wheel load rating question

    Hi all, Im looking at a set of these for my Vito Genuine Mercedes New Vito/V-Class (WDB447) "19" 5-Spoke Black Alloy Wheel Set I noticed at the base of the advert, it says not for 3.05t, in my v5 document, it said max permissible mass - 3050kg, Will these not fit my van? I don't think...
  4. holbay

    Automatic load cover

    Hi guys can anyone tell me how to remove the automatic load cover from the back seats of my W211 estate. Or at least if an end plate comes of , one end is rivited on the other does not seem to have any visible fixing. I dont want to remove the wrong end and have the return spring flying out...
  5. P

    W212 Estate load cover lifting after hatch closes

    My W212 has started lifting the load cover to the upper position once the hatch has closed. Anyone else had this problem and know of a solution? Even if the cover isn't pulled across, the motor still runs and lifts the tracks up after the hatch is closed Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. CowleyStJames

    Easy load tailgate on S212not latching

    Hi guys, my tailgate on my W212 isn't locking when power closed. It doesn't even sound like it's trying to. However, if I close the tailgate by pushing down, it locks fine Any ideas?
  7. S

    E Class S213 Estate Rear load area mats

    I should allegedly be receiving my new E Class estate within the next fortnight (See my ongoing thread about the trials and tribulations of this). I am looking for rear load mats to protect the boot and rear seats (When Down). Does anyone on the forum have any recommendations for suppliers and...
  8. zoros

    Detailing - load of tosh

    My brother owns (or owned) one of the biggest car valeting companies in GB until recently after 16 years building it up. One sales 'arm' was the stock they used to supply Detailers / high end distributors / main showrooms. These end users have built an empire on cleaning and polishing cars...
  9. holbay

    Electric load cover

    In my E320Cdi W211 2003 my electric load cover has stopped working when i check the fuse list there isno mention of this so can anyone say where the fuse for this is hiding...
  10. E

    Engine surge hunting uphill under load 70 -75mph

    Hi guys, I hope some one may be able to shed there wisdom with my fault. I have a 2004 ml 270cdi just purchase. Very pleased with it but lol. When I test drove it no where to get it up to speed so didn't know it had a fault. So here's info on the fault and symptoms. Car starts up eagerly...
  11. poormansporsche

    Boot load of Crack ?

    Thats all I can think of ?????? Mercedes C280 manual ( verry rare only 3 left) | eBay Cosworth Engine :doh:
  12. Rob77

    S124 Stuck roller load cover

    As per the title, I had my car valeted and I'm guessing they used some product on the roller load cover. which has now dried and stuck like glue, because now it's stuck in the roller and I cant pull it out :wallbash: It's always worked fine in the past. Does anyone have any tips for...
  13. HB

    Tyre load rating - Dealer opinion

    I have just bought a W212 E350 CDI saloon for my wife from the main dealer in Edinburgh. Now, normally I check everything like a hawk but this time I didn't. All the tyres on the car said Continental and have plenty of tread depth but, on closer inspection when we got the car home, one of them...
  14. jadefox

    Easy-Pack load securing kit on GLC

    Reading the manual, it seems to say that this telescopic luggage system is included as standard, and there seems to be a space in the underfloor to store it. Mine doesn't have one though and I'm wondering if it was meant to? Has anyone else who got the GLC had this securing kit included?
  15. R

    Rear load area cover new Vito

    Do MB make a rear load area cover for the new Vito? We have one for the other two older Vito's we have but I cant see any info for the new model. I have the accessories catalogue but its not in there and Im waiting for a call back from the parts depot at the dealership I bought the van from so...
  16. S

    load cover pin and tracks

    Above images are of LHS and RHS pins that locate the rear load cover does the LHS one look broken off? My cover does not behave well and often falls out of tracks. If it is this part anyone know the repair or part number please?
  17. S

    rear load cover issues

    The load cover on my E350 estate appears to come off its track at times and also not to lock in the closed position reliably. any ideas?
  18. S

    rear load cover issues

    The load cover on my E350 AG estate does not stay on its tracks and appears to not hold itself closed at times, any ideas??
  19. Druk

    ipad wont load pages

    IPad Air. Doing a Google or Safari search comes up with usual results list but although any selected result will highlight none of them will open. Just loaded latest upgrade so am wondering if that's at fault? Or any other ideas please? Done the clear cache and clear cookies and...
  20. gunning

    W163 parcel shelf/ load cover in cream for sale

    Came out of my brabus w163 ML which I forgot to put back in. In nice condition. First reasonable offer takes it.
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