1. I

    New or used? PCP or personal loan?

    Looking to pull the plunge on a Merc (C or E class) which I have meant to do for a while (but unfortunately life kinda took over). My mileage is around 10K per year and the majority is short innercity journeys. So the general wisdom is to get a petrol car or possibly a petrol-electric combi...
  2. Merty

    Buying a New Car - PCP / HP / Loan ?

    Hi All, Sorry if others have asked this question but I am in process of buying a car but unsure how to finance it. There are many options but i would like to know what are the experiences of other in the community. Car I am Looking to buy is a C Class C250 Is PCP really worth it for a...
  3. Happytalk73

    Can anyone loan me £298,000?

    Well, you don't ask, you don't get! :D Land for sale in Parkett Hill, Scotby, Scotby Carlisle, CA4 Total bargain. Scotby is quite a nice little area. Ant. :thumb:
  4. R

    Beer voucher for spring compressor loan

    Hi, Request for help. Anyone in the Midlands with a spring compressor they're prepared to lend me in exchange for some beer vouchers? I'm changing the lower control arms on a "94" SL320 R129 Thanking you all in advance.
  5. J

    16" steel W203 wheel 30minute loan??!!

    A strange request I know!, but I need to try a 16" steel over the front brakes on my 1986 VW van that has had a large brake disc conversion. Needs to be this serial number A203 400 1602 I'm in Sheffield and can collect, would leave some sort of security with you if needed etc. Any help...
  6. Gollom

    Loan of roof box etc.

    As the holiday season approaches once again thought I would offer the use of my lockable roof box and/or roof rack (FOC or maybe drop a few shekels in a charity box somewhere) to established MBclub members who can collect/return from/to Preston just off J31A of M6. The box itself is currently...
  7. C

    Mercedes Benz finance and existing loan

    Hi guys, found a deal on a e class which is funded by MB financial services. I currently have a Z4 financed with BMW FS and this is going in PX with the MB dealer, will MBFS take account that the dealer is settling the finance on my Z4 and wont have two agreements running , as I cant see them...
  8. Blobsta

    Steering Wheel Loan

    Do any of you need a steering wheel? A while back, I wanted to get mine re-trimmed as it was cracked and worn but I couldn't be without it for a couple of weeks so I bought a new-old stock one from a company in Sweden and it is one of the best things I have ever done with the car. If...
  9. brabusvito

    E class loan car!!!

    hi, just put my van into my merc dealers to have some work done, its booked in until wednesday next week, so they offered me a "loan car" looking around, there was nothing older than a few years old, so i was thinking...yipeeeeee i get to cruise around in a propper merc for a few...
  10. Danny DeVito

    Alternator Pulley Removal Tool LOAN ??

    I wondered if anyone has one of these tools to loan me ? I will pay postage both ways . Its for my 638 alternator :dk: Thanks anyone
  11. BTB 500

    M-B Guildford, Hindhead, Basingstoke - free roof box (and cycle carrier etc.) loan

    Just had a flyer from the Tony Purslow group (M-B Guildford, M-B Hindhead, M-B Basingstoke) which may be of interest to some. If you buy roof bars for your M-B from them, you can borrow (free of charge, and as many times as you want): roof boxes luggage containers ski carriers snowboard...
  12. B

    C180 gci loan car

    Well took the C Class into MB yesterday for the A Service & Mot. Due to the strange hours i work i had to have a loan car and they gave me a C180 CGI sport estate. Not a bad drive too be honest.. nice and smooth quiet & refined. I do like how the 2012 model looks in and out. Much more...
  13. DSLiverpool

    C250CDi Sport loan car

    The CL is in MB Chester for its respray and my heart sank to see a C class lined up as a loaner (what was I expecting I don't know). Looking quite small and with a stubby boot I pointed out the door dent near the arch except it wasn't a dent it's complex metal forming - silly me. Jumped in...
  14. A

    C350 CDI v E350 CDI - confessions of a loan car pilot

    My C350 went in for some warranty work and I was provided with this fine machine to keep me mobile: An interesting experience for several reasons - firstly as 4 years ago I ran a W211 AG saloon I was intrigued to see how the E Class game has moved on. Secondly as I test drove a F11 series...
  15. jonnymerc

    Kent area need loan of some wheels please

    Need some help if possible i want to refurb my wheel, need some wheels for about 3/4 days that will fit the new 125 c class will pay for the loan of some wheels i dont want to leave the car at the wheel refurbishers I went down to Wheelworks in sussex today they were going to put some old...
  16. Meldrew2

    Police van vs dealer loan car

    At a certain junction in a town that shall remain nameless, two roads merge. One road becomes the left hand lane, the other becoming the right hand lane. The lane markings are a broken line throughout. After crossing a bridge, the road has an "off slip" to the left, so lane changes are...
  17. timskemp

    C220 Coupe (loan car)

    So my car was in for service, and my service manager loaned me this! C220 CDI coupe, twin turbo, 7 speed, DAB, MapPilot. Quite nicely specced really, drives nice, feels lighter than a saloon and more lively at the rear especially under braking. Economical too (stop start!) and quiet. Wouldn't...
  18. timskemp

    Tool needed W220589019925 for loan / buy

    It's a pin removal tool for the headlamp connector - does anyone have one they can loan or sell to me? Just need to remove three pins without damaging them ideally! thanks
  19. I

    Hire Purchase v Bank Loan

    Evening all Having just spent most of the afternoon in the dealers negotiating the price and trade in value on my new car I'm left with a decision to make with regard to the balance of the payment. Basically a personal loan from the bank works out at £200.78 per month and the dealer quoted...
  20. HumberMart

    Log Book Loan Scam

    With some irony (seeing as he's an FD!) a friend has just been caught by a scam involving 'Log Book Loans'. Despite being a very active car buyer for many years, and the masses of stuff I now find on Google about them, I'd never heard of them until today (- although I did find a previous post...
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