1. N

    cant locate exhuast

    hi guys I live near Glasgow and im finding it impossible to find exhaust system cat back for 1999 slk 200 can anyone help ? thanks
  2. R

    Can anyone locate the AUX on my E Class?

    Picked up my late 2011 E350 CDI Coupe last week and want to play music through my AUX. Does anyone know where it's located? Iv checked my centre console and glove box but still can't find it...
  3. manofgresley

    Vacuum gauge - Where to locate ?

    Hi all. My Grandson, bless him, has bought me 2 gauges to fit to my 2001, CLK 320 (W208) engine, one is a Voltmeter, i know how to fit that, but a vacuum gauge ???. Can anyone supply any info, photos would be great on where to splice it into, the gauge comes with a very small bore pipe and...
  4. C

    Noises help to locate

    Got a 2004 W203 Coupe, hit some standing water and ever since I get a squeek from the front pass foot well area, kinda sounds like metal on rubber. It only last for about 1-2 miles then disapears untill the car is left for awhile. Second one rear drivers side wheel, sometimes after pulling off...
  5. I

    99 w202 c280 - Can't locate the comfort/convenience relay

    Hi all, This is my first post and I'm new here. I've noticed that this site is a bit more technical than many other MB forums and hope I can get your assistance. My 1999 C280 has intermittent operation of the power front seats. There is a common flaw in the relay that controls these -...
  6. lucky77

    Tracker Locate from veh-tech.com?

    Have been looking into getting the Tracker Locate fitted on my new pride & joy and came across veh-tech.com offering it for £235 including mobile installation as opposed to the £465 tracker are offering direct. Just wondered if anyone has had any experiences with this company please 'cos it...
  7. mercmush

    Does anyone know how to locate a car they used to own ?

    Hello everyone Does anyone here know how to locate a car that one used to own ? When I went to the DVLA website it gave some details for my first ever Benz: a 1984 500SEC reg A931KFP. I'm amazed that anything came up as it returned a blank search for another old Benz of mine that was in...
  8. dokalj

    Would anybody be able to locate this part number as MB are finding it difficult.

    Hi all, Would anyone with access to EPC be able to help? The required part connects to the fuel lines and prevents them from touching. The diameter of the two circular holders is different and one is larger and the other one is smaller. Regards dokalj

    Paint code - again - can't locate on car.

    As above. Should it be under the latch? Also looked on the slam panel at front of car. Will I have to ring the dealership?
  10. Simon

    Locate any mobile phone

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