1. wongl

    Any MBClub Enthusiasts located in HK?

    Having landed in HK for a few months now from London, I am looking to acquire my first MB in HK and was wondering if there are any enthusiasts from HK lurking around on MBClub. Looking to connect/network as trying to understand the "technicality" of buying and running a MB car in HK. For...
  2. P

    s320l, w220, 2001 my, where is engine cooling fan control module located ???

    Hi i have had problems with my cooling fan recently that has got me looking for the main units that control it but i can not find the fan control module can anyone that does know where it is please let me know ?????
  3. Dug

    Where is the roof relay located!

    Good Morning,my roof on my w209 is getting stuck! not sure what this is but after reading some posts thought I would swap the roof relay,but don't know where it is located!
  4. G

    Where is the fuel filter located on a 2007 model cd220

    Hi, I need to desperately find out the exact location of where the fuel filter is located on the following Mercedes Benz model. (Please keep in mind that it is a diesel engine) Mercedes Benz (2007 Model C220 CDI – Diesel Engine, Avantgarde Sedan) Thanks for any help in advance…
  5. mattyv33

    Where is the battery located?? W210 2001

    As above, the battery recently died whilst in France and I just couldn't find the battery! Stupid question I know, can somebody please help :wallbash:
  6. Dave Jones

    Quick question - where's the fuel pump located on a w211?

    Hi All As per thread title please. Many Thanks Dave
  7. Gollom

    iPAD - £380 + shipping (located Preston)

    One of the guys at work has just won an iPAD and is looking to sell it. Still sealed and he only got it last week. Not sure how keen that price is but I know it is non-negotiable Thought I'd pop it on here if anybody is after one - established members only please :)
  8. T

    where would the part "6200/min 4Zyl 12V" ignition relay be located on a 96 E 240

    Hi I have a 1996 E240 which just died on me and a mechanic who I am no longer in contact with gave me the part to fix which has the numbers printed on it below , The problem is I dont know where the part should be situated. I have looked in obvious places like under the dash board , in the...
  9. culpano

    Finally located rattle in my Lexus...need advice on how to fix

    For 18 months there has been dreadful plastic creaking and rattling that appeared to come from the centre console and Lexus have not been able to fix it with several attempts. My mate found it ! He said "it's coming from the glove box door". It's wierd how it seems to be coming from the central...
  10. E

    Where is the Brake Light Switch located - W203

    Hi all (again) My W203 BAS alert is on and it has been mentioned here a cheap solution may be to change the brake light switch. I have looked high and low but just cannot locate it! Anyone tell me where it is located please? Any drawings/pictures etc? Thanks egghead
  11. D

    Where are air filters and pollen filter located on a w220?

    Hiya chaps, can someone please tell me, where are the air filters located on a w220, 2001 model. Also the same for a pollen filter. Many thanks
  12. V

    Engine number w124? Where is it located?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know the location of the engine number on a w124 e220 coupe 1995? Thanks
  13. N

    Where is this located in the car?

    ECU and ROOF PUMP for MERCEDES CLK CONVERTIBLE http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=250233150914&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=015 I can't find it on the Russian parts site, but then I can hardly ever find anything there.
  14. pwarwick

    Wheres The Ecu Located

    Hi My Mate has a E300 1995 petrol estate in mint condition bur has a fault ie a miss noe and then, coil packs been changed, leeds rotor, cap etc, we are advised to have the ECU checked over. Can any of you tell me where on the car we can find this ECU?:)
  15. Alps

    Anyone Know where this is physically located?

    http://www.detali.ru/cat/oem_mb2.asp?TP=1&F=202028&M=104%2E941&GA=722%2E328722%2E424722%2E604722%2E605722%2E629&GM=717%2E441&CT=F&cat=44V&SID=83&SGR=045&SGN=01 HELP!!, ive been told i need to replace this part (#495 on the diagram), so ive got it but where the hell is it physically located...
  16. S

    W202 6X9 in the Rear? Where is the aerial located?

    I have some Kenwood 6 X 9 speakers sitting in the garage. Does anyone know if these will fit in the rear shelf of a saloon W202 C Class (facelift model) and if so are these a straight fit or does anything need modding? Also I have a problem with the aerial in my car. I have tried three...
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