1. S

    Locating a replacement hardtop for my topless sl280

    need some advice on getting a hardtop for my SL R129 1998 I tried one from ebay today, not the right colour but intended to repspray. Green with a silver top didn't look that bad actually but not as good as an all green will. The car wouldn't accept the roof, ie red light stayed on and...
  2. C

    Locating my combination filter

    Good evening all, I have a 2013 E class (facelift) E350 Bluetec and it's just been into my dealer today for its second service (B) at 31K miles. The report says they have changed the oil and filter and topped up the AdBlue. My service book says the combination filter should be changed at...
  3. optimusprime

    Wanted Information. On locating part.

    Hi can i ask if anyone knows a seller in UK that as this part. This part is for the top of my radiator on 260e w124 1989 but think its used on a few Mercs . Black elbow that is a push fit in to the radiator on right hand side .You can get the part ,the Mercedes number is 0005000894 the o...
  4. C

    Wheel locating studs

    Does anyone have the MB part number for wheel locating studs for a 2005 R230 SL500 ? These used to be about £3 or so each - are they still competitive with those from ebay ? Am I right in thinking that they are 14mm size ?
  5. L

    Wheel Locating Tool?

    Every time I am putting a back wheel on a SL, it is a real wrestling match. Years ago I recall having a gadget which was about 6" long and which screwed into the bolt hole. It allowed you to position the wheel and made fitting the bolts a lot easier. Has anyone ever seen such a gadget? Are they...
  6. P

    R129 method of locating wind noise at side window

    Hi, I thought I’d share what I’ve found to be a useful method of locating where wind noise comes through on the driver’s side window of my R129. BluTak. I’ve been moulding it and positioning it in various locations. After some trial I eventually found that I need a tapering diameter...
  7. L

    Locating W210 Pollen Filters

    I have a 2001 E220 cdi avantgarde I've taken the glove box out but there does'nt apear to be any filters behind it. I've seen the how to guide but mine looks different is there an alternative location for the filters?
  8. U

    Need help locating epc diagram for w210 e300 1996 steering rack

    The steering rack seal has finally failed and means a rack refurb is needed. I'm sure I'd seen an EPC diagram for this a couple of months ago somewhere on these forums but after an hour of searching for it again I cannot find it. Please could someone link the EPC diagram for the steering rack...
  9. R

    Locating MAF on w208 CLK 230k?

    Hi, Need a bit of an idiots guide to locating the MAF so I can unplug it to check whether the faults I've been having are caused by it. I found this thread, but unfortunately the link is dead. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/58522-locating-maf-w208-1998-clk.html I've been told that...
  10. D

    Locating Mercedes Nautical Blue Aerosol??

    Hi, Both my front arches are showing surface rust something i could probably pull off myself but before i start tearing paint off with course paper i would like to know where i could locate some nautical blue spray paint Mercedes code is (929) no major rush but could be an ideal little job for...
  11. R

    Locating Crankshaft position sensor

    Hello All, First time post here as my old username always refused to allow posts. For any who know me (or care!) I am rayhennig elsewhere and ray_hennig here - one and the same. My old 1991 300CE-24 may need a new CPS (crank, NOT cam) and I can trace the cable right througn to where it...
  12. J

    locating MAF on w208 1998 CLK?

    Hi, I have a 230CLK kompressor 1998 and it seems sluggish and has misfires. I have read up and it seems to be the MAF type of fault. See: http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=57881 However, I can only seem to find the Airflow throttle that is mounted on the Air filter housing. I cannot...
  13. S

    Help locating Bose Amplifier in ML320

    Hi I hope someone a little more technical than me can help. I have an ML320 and there is no audio just a bit of a high pitched noise. I have confirmed that the Bose head unit is working in another vehicle so I am looking at the amp or more to the point just trying to find it. I am assuming...
  14. Tony M

    Locating TV Tuner in R230

    on my 2004 SL55,I wish to utilise the AV input on the TV tuner. I believe that the tuner lives under the CD changer, but how to get at it has baffled me. I have taken the cover panel off, and undone as many screws as I can see, but cannot remove the changer to see below. Has anyone got any...
  15. S

    Locating Paint Colour Code

    Does anyone know where on my car I can find the paint colour code? I vaguely remember a bunch of barcodes in the door sills???? Thx Sasha
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