1. W

    S210 Horn location

    My car must have at least two horns. I have found one in front of the radiator, but there must be another somewhere that I can't see. I've looked all around the engine bay, but still can't spot it. Anybody got any ideas?
  2. V

    DPFE Sensor Location?

    Got error code P1402- DPFE hose upstream clogged/off & P0473- Exhaust pressure sensor circuit A high. Causes my Vito w639 120cdi 3litre v6 to go into limp mode until code deleted! Was advised to replace the dpfe sensor & the 2 Hoses with original parts as cheap parts fail & the Hoses also...
  3. G

    Location and access - door pin switch W169

    I need to use a C169 door pin switch to handle the ground wire for the door sill lights. How and were can I access it - had a brief look at WIS, and missed it obviously.
  4. 5

    Location of electronic lever module control unit W219

    Hi Guys, plugged in my diagnostic unit and it come up with the following fault: sb10/mil check control unit N15/5, electronic selector lever module control unit. Not sure how to investigate it but can anyone tell me where the control unit is located? and what it looks like. If anyone one...
  5. Ultrarep

    Second Map sensor location

    Hi all Am working through an intermitant mil light that flags pressure sensor low And think that after replaceing a failed Maf ( the mpnew one came with a new MAP too) that the second Map sensore now needs changing. Can anyone advise where the second on is? The car is a w211 2004 320cdi...
  6. M

    320 cdi turbo location For inline 6

    I have a 2005 w211 e320 cdi with I6 engine. I would like to check out the turbo actuator as having jerking symptoms under hard acceleration. There seems to be lots of info for V6 but I can' t find any suitable photo/video or diagram for my car. Be very grateful if someone could point me...
  7. Peter Michaels

    Location of brakelight switch? Gears stuck

    Thank you for any help in advance Vehicle 2002 C Class T wagon 220 CDI Avantgarde diesel. KN52ZPD Gears stuck in second gear during driving When car is stationary it only gets from Driving position into neutral That is with the engine running. When I switch the engine of and then on again I...
  8. P

    R129 horn location?

    Hello, My car is A 1997 SL320, or R129 if you prefer. I believe the pair of horns are located in front of the front wheel arch liner. But I don't know if they are on the passenger or drivers side. Can anyone conform which side? Thanks Paul
  9. Inquisitor

    Where's the Adblue fill location

    Hello Have just traded in my W164 ML270 against 2012 GL350 Blue Efficiency 61 plate.. From youtube video's the Adblue fill location is shown to be in the rear under the lift access panel, when I go there I have a slim spare tire, jack and tools, when I lift these up I see carpet. The...
  10. A

    W245 B200cdi EGR LOCATION? my mechanic says need engine dropped?

    If someone could help regarding the EGR location on a W245 B Class B200cdi. My car is smoking and losing power, all of which correlates to a faulty EGR and confirmed with a STAR test. however my mechanic thinks the EGR is in a hard to reach place and needs the engine dropped to access it...
  11. PhilG

    OM642 Oxygen Sensor Location

    Morning all, I've got a code saying the o2 sensor is bad on my CLS 320 CDI so I've bought a replacement and the tool to change it. I've been googling furiously to get an idea of the location of it and come up short, other than somewhere on the exhaust system. Can someone recommend where I...
  12. V

    R129 Stereo Amp location standard unit

    EDIT Found it - Under rear seat - Under the carpet !
  13. CowleyStJames

    Fuse boxes location and fuse diagram

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for fuse box locations in a 2011 W212 E Class estate? After my C Class, which had a fuse allocation and box location chart, I'm a bit miffed that my E Class doesn't. I'm looking to hardwire a Blackvue DR650S front and back dash cam in with the Power...
  14. D

    W211 Evaporator temperature sensor location.

    Does anyone the exact location (and how to get to it to change it) for the Evaporator Temperature Sensor part no. A2208300772 on a W211 E320 cdi please? I really don't want to rip any more of the car apart looking unless I know I'm going in the right direction!
  15. CLSMark

    Glow plug relay location

    I have a cls 350cdi Anyone know off hand where this is situated? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. M

    W211 e320 cdi 2007 Lambda sensor location?

    Can someone please tell me the location of the lambda sensor? Is it easy to get to it? Do I need ramp and am I right that there is only one lambda sensor in my car?
  17. T

    navigation disc location

    got a 2007 s211 E320, manual says navigation disc location is in boot on left side, can't for the life of me find it, any help please?
  18. c180081c

    C200CDI Air Filter Location & Removal

    Hi Guys, Anybody have any documented info on the above? its for a friends car and ive never seen the engine bay. 2012 W204 C200 CDI Estate
  19. ozzyboy

    power steering resevoir location w210

    had a quick look but couldn't find the reservoir to fill the power steering fluid car is 1999 w210 e300 td can anyone help plz
  20. B

    Tracker location

    I have a traficmaster type tracker fitted to my W205 by my employer. I didn't see it get fitted but would like to know the likely location of the device in the vehicle. Any ideas to save me ripping the car to bits.
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