1. clk320x

    Boot lock

    My boot lock turns freely as I often lubricate it with WD40 However when it is turned 90 degree in neither position does it actually trigger the boot to be openable. It only unlocks and locks via key.. not a bad thing.. but I'd like the manual lock to work... Thanks Abs
  2. Wraakian

    My steering lock went down

    Hi, I have already opened new threads some time ago but back again after some time away. My 2011 E220 cabriolet steering wheel lock has recently gone down. I was at my fitness club and on coming out found I could not move the steering lock or start the car with the key. After a £110 check of the...
  3. A

    Boot Lock Options

    Hello all, I've got my lovely w202 sport cdi, the boot lock wont lock either on the central locking or with the key (no turn) I followed the instructions on taking it all apart and re greasing (i let it soak for 2 days) and unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem. Part of me is...
  4. hercules

    W164 front left door lock

    A1647201735 is the part number for a W164 2006 YM front left door lock. Can some one tell me if there is an other variant part number for this model year. I searched all the net and nothing comes up only direct from the dealer for around £430 !!!!!!
  5. W124ali

    E Class W211 boot lock not working

    Hi I have a 2007 W211 E- Class E320 CDI Sport. The boot handle has stopped working, working only with the key inserted. Someone has said the boot brake light and/or number plate not working has something to do with the handle not working. Could anyone advise what the reason for it not...
  6. Reggies

    Passenger door lock

    Passenger off side door locking. If sitting in the rear and open rear door then get out, close door but then it locks. Only the one door dose this, I have put WD40 on the button, catch, handle but I close the door and it locks again. The door button is very stiff, have squirted some WD40 down it...
  7. T

    w211 estate boot lock parts

    anyone have or know where to get part for boot lock repair, seems a common part to fail but seems impossible to locate part, metal arm within mechanism, thanks
  8. A

    W205 Glovebox Handle & Lock Replacement

    Is it possible to remove and replace the handle and lock on a W205 glovebox or from what I've been able to establish on line is it a whole new glove box? Also is the lock universal or specific to your key? Removal instructions for the handle and lock would be most appreciated.
  9. T

    S211 boot won't lock shut

    On my s211 E320 went to close boot earlier, pressed button and it closes ok but instead of pulling last bit closed and locking it just opens again, closing by hand it won't lock down either, it did make a funny clicking kind of sound when it opened, any suggestions what problem could be? Cheers
  10. D

    Mercedes W204/C-Class steering lock problem

    Hi all, Brief description of the problem experienced. I own a Mercedes C200 2010 Automatic, 81k mileage. Yesterday morning I tried to start the car as normal and the engine wouldn't start up, windows not working, horn not working, no dash lights engine, fuel ect.. (only clock), radio...
  11. -AJC-

    Help needed - 2006 ML W164 Door Lock Cylinder Removal

    I've been dismantling my drivers door on my 2006 ML 320 CDI W164 to repair or replace the door actuator. I've read several guides on how to do this and this video explains the process of removing the actuator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLJe0r0Wur7YAsD_RlQC3w However, unlike in the...
  12. A

    W166 ML63 Lock Horn Beep

    We recently bought a 2013 W166 ML63 and I am trying to get to grips with a few of the features. When I lock it the horn gives a confirmation beep. Is there a way to turn this off as I often get home very late and it has gained a few comments from the neighbours. Mind you if the horn wakes...
  13. A

    CLK 350 boot lock not unlocking on remote

    I have a CLK 350 (W209) cabriolet. The manual opening (release) handle on the boot will now suddenly not work when the rest of the car locks are opened on the normal "all open" button on the remote control. Please - any ideas?? To clarify: - The boot lock opens fine when either the boot release...
  14. Mr Filipov

    2011 E class steering wheel lock

    Hello all, Just to quickly ask, is the E class meant to have a steering wheel lock? You know, the one that automatically engages when you take the key out and disengages when key is back in? Mine seems to be missing that if it should be there. It is a 2011 saloon. Many thanks
  15. R

    Squeaking when steering wheel on full lock

    I have recently had new track rod end & suspension fitted to my E220 I've had it tracked but now when I put steering on full lock I get seeking noise from same side, can anyone help
  16. K

    No Lock for a Key on Tailgate 2006 S203 C Class

    I have a problem ...going on a 24hr ferry ride to Spain and the inclination sensor/ tow-away sensor has to be deactivated. I press the button on the dash and the red light blinks once, get out the car after locking other THREE doors and lock the Drivers door with the mechanical key as said in...
  17. Abb

    C43 (W202) Boot lock replacement??

    I have recently begun work on my new project, namely a 1999 C43. A common issue (apart from the paint on all the rust :p) is the seizure of the boot lock when trying to operate it using the 'blade' section of the key. Followed some excellent guides on here and the other side, eventually managed...
  18. A

    2017 e220d Lock Car With Engine Running

    Please don't judge me but if my car is very frosted I like to lock it with the engine running while I eat my cereal. (I have another car in my garage). This means visibility is perfect as I drive off. My last car was a 5 series and I could simply hop in, start the car then get out and lock...
  19. R

    Boot lock jammed W204 2008 c class estate

    Hello all, newbie with a W204 320 estate 2008 AMG wheels. Alas, some funk has already occurred: The car has a soft close boot: 1. Boot lock jammed - replaced by dealer I bought car from - wasn't able to open the boot with the blade at the time. 2. Boot lock jammed again - when I picked it...
  20. BAZ-500SL

    Mercedes r129 door lock

    Ello guys need a bit of help, I need to get some door locks for the r129, it a 1990, just wanted to know if all the lock are the same on the r129 or where they change as the years changed, many thanks the part number I have on mine is 129 820 58 10 ( driver side ) , many thanks
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