1. S

    I got locked out of my A45!!

    Four days since I picked up the A45 and I am loving it so far. Couple of snidey comments from work colleagues but really not bothered about that. Came out of work tonight, opened the car with the key (keyless go thing bit intermittent at the mo), key went in bag which I put on the back seat...
  2. G

    Boot locked!

    Hi everyone. I have a 1987 W124 200, (it lives in Kenya) typical of a car of that age living in Kenya, it has a lot of problems. I am sorting them out one by one, but the most pressing problem is that the boot lid has 'locked itself'. The central locking is not working and the key that opens...
  3. lfckeeper

    Keys locked in boot

    So the Mrs decided to get her coat out of my boot... Put the keys down to 'look at something'... Closed the boot... Searched the house for the spare to no avail... Any tips on how to get in or is this an expensive auto locksmith job? (AA membership lapsed 5 days ago) Its a 2005 W203 saloon
  4. T

    Light alarm and locked rear doors and boot

    Recently my alarm for leaving headlights on has stopped working. Similarly when I gat out after a drive the rear doors and boot remain locked. My local garage blames "age". Car is a '53 C270 CDI Estate.
  5. N

    Car wont change Gears:Gears locked : Auto 2006 ,E280

    Hello guys I am new to this forum. I own 2006 ,E280 , Recently the car will take 3 or 4 kicks to start in the morning. Then the gear started to be funny and gearbox has locked , and stuck in high gear. What can i do to unlock the grarbox, something to do with pressure. Any help would...
  6. M

    Mercedes C200 2008 Folding door mirrors when car is locked automatically

    Hiya I have got a Mercedes c200 2008, I was just wondering if it is possible to fold door mirrors automatically when the car is locked. Regards Mo
  7. Z

    2004 SL centre cubby box locked shut

    As above, used my SL55 in Friday and the centre cubby box between the front seats no longer unlocks and opens. Has anyone had similar? Is there a fix and a guide for repairing? I don't want to break anything but want to be able to use it properly again. Many thanks
  8. N

    Help! Locked out of car

    Hi...I currently have a CLK in my garage with a dead battery and the doors locked. Last time this happened I was able to use the key to get into the boot and crawl through to get the door open. This time neither the boot lock or the door lock will oblige....any tips? Failing getting the door or...
  9. Dave Richardson

    Radio still switched on after car has been locked

    Found a strange problem on the car this morning in that, the car has been parked on my driveway and locked since Sunday, the radio was switched on & playing away to an empty car. I unlocked the car & pressed the button to turn it off & the word Phone appeared on the screen. In 7 years I've...
  10. C

    CLK 320 gearbox locked

    For my sins I just bought clk 320 from a dealer.. Very cheap for only 48k on the clock but already I have problems. I drove 150 faultless miles most of it at fairly high speed , . When coming into town the EBB ESP light flashed on followed by the EBS light. Then the car stopped and after I put...
  11. A

    Keys locked in boot

    So the other half has taken her sister and sister's kids away for the bank holiday weekend in the C63 Estate. Her sister cleverly put the keys in the boot and pressed the button to close it so they're now locked out. They're 200 miles from home and not on the mainland UK so there's no way I'm...
  12. I

    Locked out of Boot

    I keep my SL on a trickler. Unfortunately I have two tricklers in the boot. Numptie that I am I seem to have connected the wrong one. I've done this once before, but it wasn't a problem as I was able to open the boot with the key. No such luck this time. For some reason the key will not open...
  13. developer

    Theft From Locked Vehicles x2 - how?

    A neighbour has two cars - an Audi A5 unknown year but recent (his), and a Vauxhall Astra 06 plate (hers). They came down the other morning to find both cars open, and the Satnav (Astra) and other contents gone, with the remaining contents on the passenger seats. Both cars were locked the...
  14. C

    Locked out of ML270cdi 2005

    Mercedes ML270cdi 2005, doors won't open with remote or drivers' key. Battery flat I guess - haven't used the car for some time(garaged) How do I access the car? No manual key access on this model. Other than damage the car, is there a way to open the door locks/hood to change/charge the...
  15. abecketts

    E240 Gearbox locked

    Hello folks would appreciate your learned guidance before I head to the garage. Out in the car earlier and I stopped and turned the engine off for about 2 minutes on restart I could not get the selector out of park, only by inserting a pen into the release mechanism on the selector could I...
  16. garyt01

    Locked out!

    Hi guys Just been away for 10 days and the battery on my CL55 k has gone flat! My manual key is not opening the door, any ideas on how to get in or access the battery to charge it Cheers Gary Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  17. Fireman Dan

    What a hurt. Locked out. :0(

    Got my car back from paint today and now I can't get in boot. Boot lock where key goes seems seized up and won't open on the key. I assume body shop didnt put electrics back on or air pipe? I am locked out of boot. Any ideas? Any ideas to get it? Thanks. I I
  18. pugilist

    C320 CDI Sport W204 Radio/CD locked in CD mode.

    Hi all, Have owned a MB for a week. As mentioned above it is a C320 CDi Sport. Just learning the ropes with it and still finding my way around. So far very pleased with it. However today I could not select the radio, telephone etc on the system as it is locked in the CD player mode. Any help...
  19. Fothers

    SL 500 R230 Glove box locked open!

    Hi - brand new to the world of SL's, love it so far but has a couple of faults my one. There's lots here about opening the glovebox. Did that. However before trying to fix the mechanism I tried to close it and it wont. Basically the latch is in the "closed" position and I can't fathom how to...
  20. C

    W208 coupe boot locked HELP!!

    Hi, new to this. Just bought 2001 CLK320. Boot release button stopped working, fob won't release boot, neither will metal key. I understand the fuse (if the cause) is conveniently located in boot... Any magic trick, other than smashing rear light or cutting hole in 1st aid recess? Please help
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