1. C

    Car auto locks but doesn't auto unlock

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with my 2014 W204 C63 estate. Auto door locking is switched on via the OBC in the instrument panel, car auto locks as I drive off but doesn't unlock at the end of the journey when I put it in P, apply the parking brake and switch the engine off. It worked fine...
  2. Nasco12

    W202: seized locks

    Post-facelift W202 Door lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Boot lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn Glove box: key works Boot lock problems are common on this model. There is a release on the fob and inside the car so the lock doesn't get used and seizes. But...
  3. John

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed - Part Deux

    Moving on from John D's and contributors' helpful thread on cylinder locks (https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/222924-get-those-house-cylinder-locks-changed.html), I decided it was timely to review our side door security as the 15 year old handles were tatty and felt like they...
  4. Marku

    Door locks

    How do I get the lock barrels out of the handles on my 450? One of them doesn't work and feels solid so needs freeing up but generally I thought I would get the chrome redone and surely the lock barrels shouldn't go in the plating bath?
  5. developer

    Get Those House Cylinder Locks Changed

    In the last couple of weeks I've been made aware of car thefts via key thefts from property, including a neighbour, a cousin, and an E63 owner. All were stolen by crooks snapping the Eurocylinder locks on front/patio/rear doors, where the locks can be snapped in seconds, before entering the...
  6. L

    Child safety door locks

    I have a 2016 MB Vito 114 bluetec & I need to know if there is a child door lock on this model? I can't see anything in the user manual & the salesman who sold me the van couldn't tell me either. My vehicle only has 3 seats all situated in the front & my son who has special needs can open the...
  7. T

    SLK R170 Electrical Strangeness with Roof and Locks

    Well we've had the car a year now so I guess we're about due for a gremlin or two, in fact yes, in this case two. I don't know if they are related but they appear to have started at the same time. I have searched this forum and others and have found similar problems but not these particular...
  8. J

    1990 W124 Door locks+ key

    Need a set of door barrels for a w124. Dont need ignition barrel as im not bothered about seperate keys. also the bootlock if possible. posted or collected within reason, im based in manchester. TIA
  9. P

    Coding my mirrors to fold when the car locks?

    Hi all, so I would like the mirrors on the SL55 to fold up when I lock the key with the key fob. They have the fold function but only when I press the button inside. Can this be done? Does anyone know anyone that can do it? A forum member did it for me on my last m3 as he has the plug in gadget...
  10. A

    How Secure is my Vito?

    Iv recently bought a 57plate Vito to use as a builders van, iv got a few grands worth a kit in the back and recently heard about a few van break ins in and around where i live! I am very worried about the safely of my tools, I remember a plumber telling me he had his Vito broken into and he...
  11. R

    W114 - 280ce. Looking for parts for seat locks

    First time user here. I have a 1973 MB 280CE which I am restoring. I need a new set of bellows for the front seat vacuum locks (I need 8 bellows in all). The complete vacuum actuator units (there are two, one fitted to the underside of each front seat) are numbered 88 457 013 and I think...
  12. Tan

    Banham door locks

    Hi Are Banham door locks as good as their reputation suggests and are there other brands that should be considered also? I like the idea that getting spare keys cut is not as easy as popping along to the local key cutters. Thanks Tan
  13. M

    Wheel locks B 647 0144 Set 1 needed!!!

    Hi Looking to buy wheel lock B 647 0144 Set 1 with bolts or without Thanks
  14. Mike060280

    Matrix problems and air locks heaters not workng HELP please

    Ok I have changed the engine on my 112 cdi vito over the weekend I now have a few problems please help lol the engine is running fine starts first turn and engine fan comes in @85 like normal. :D BUT I can't get any water running through the heater matrix only blows cold I have tryed so...
  15. R

    Esp bas locks up while driving whats the reason?

    Last week while while driving my w203 2001 the car brakes alone and the esp bas light comes on i am not able to identify the problem any help pleaase
  16. D

    sl 300 locks dont flash.....

    hi guys....havnt used the sl since November,went to start it yesterday and the battery was flat,charged the battery,starts ok but no flashing locks ,works ok with key, ive ordered new batteries for the keys....I don't have any manuals....is there a sequence to go through to reprogramme...
  17. RattlerRattler

    Locking issue on SL350 r230, locks only work from metal key

    Hi, I've had my 350 for a month or so and today found after driving her for a few miles and parking up, that I couldn't use the key fob to operate the door or boot locks. All other elements (alarm, courtesy lights etc) work off the fob, but no mechanical locks operate. The car starts and runs...
  18. shanksy

    Frozen locks and condensation

    Hi all, Has anyone had an experience with those de-humidifier pads you place on your dash to prevent excess condensation ? I have a bit of a problem with it at the moment as I have a slight leak down into the cabin and my mats get damp. Do they really work ? The other thing was my drivers...
  19. D

    Door locks

    Read an article re door lock not working should the need arise to need it - Thought i would check mine and would you believe - Not working . Due to the use of electronic fob most drivers probably dont ever think about opening car with Key untill fob fails to find lock seized . Just squirted wd40...
  20. C

    W202 no interior or boot lights and strange locks

    Hi all, the information need help! Just purchased a c200 1994, and it has a slightly issue: Central locking only unlocks from passenger side. The only locks from drivers side! No internal dome lights coming on, lamps are individually working when voltage passed through but don't...
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