1. D

    Forum Log In

    I have MB Club in my Chrome favourites. For the last few times of going on the site, it goes to the normal page, then onto a message page which is too quick to decipher, and then to a blank page. I then go into the address bar and delete a lot of the goobledegook and hit return and it goes back...
  2. W

    Anyone have a BCA log on?

    Hi All, I can't seem to get a log on to bid on cars online at BCA Seems restrictive and somewhat pointless costing them extra sales. Nevertheless I wondered if someone could check if any nice 2003-2006 BMW 535d, 540 or 550 tourings with high specs due to go through any of the centres...
  3. MD5

    Can't log in to laptop

    'Morning All! I have a 2/3 year old 11" HP Pavilion dm1 using Windows 7 Home Premium, and it hasn't been used for a couple of months. When I start it up and type in my password, I'm getting this message: "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" This...
  4. P

    Log book details?

    I purchased a C220 CDI AMG Sport 125 Edition Blueefficiency, September 2011 from new. The log book says, Model: C220 Sport CDI Blueeffi-cy A. The issue I have is when I try to part-ex the car, even in a Mercedes dealership. They all class it as the Sport and not an AMG sport 125. They...
  5. Borys

    Log book question

    N the log book my car has 3 previous owners First registration 28/10/2010 then previous owner acquired vehicle on 23/11/2010 and the I got it from 30/06/2014 Is it possible that the car had 2 owners in less then a month? Or is it a mistake? Confused
  6. A

    Log Splitter anyone recommend one?

    Hello Looking at purchasing a log splitter probably from what I can see a 4 Tonne one should suit my needs. Anyone recommend one? Thanks
  7. flango

    Holiday Log Cabins & Lodges

    I'm hoping the panel can give me some personal recommendations on log cabins and lodges for holidays in the UK, let me explain. January is JSWMBO 21st birthday so main present is a new car which she does not know about and hopefully should come as a complete surprise (luckily she is not a...
  8. A

    Log burning stove flue linning costs? anyone changed a Gas to Dual fuel stove?

    Hello We are looking at changing our current Gas 'coal' look fire for a real log burner. I've been told (from a fireplace / stove supplier) that I don't Need a liner but would rather have one for piece of mind. Any idea what one would cost to fit to a std chimney 2 story building? Has...
  9. grober

    Log Book Loans

    Interesting piece on tonight's Watchdog on the so called Log Book Loans. These are finance agreements taken out by an individuals using their car as security. Due to a legal loophole in the relevant legislation which dates back to the 19th century!! there is no requirement to register this type...
  10. bigjim

    Log burner

    Our log burner is more like a furnace rather than a log burner - it gets through logs in about forty minutes. We stayed in a cottage over the Christmas break and the log burner in there took about four hours to gently burn through some logs! Do I need a new burner or am I doing something wrong!?!
  11. S

    A log book with not known engine number?

    Hi, I braved the weather today to view a mint condition SL500 (R230), but when I checked the Registration Certificate, the engine number reads "NOT KNOWN". Is this normal? Why would the engine number be missing? Your thoughts would be much appreciated Cheers Sham
  12. M

    Widget to log power outages?

    My fridge/freezer has defrosted itself a couple of times over recent months. Not sure if it's a fault with the machine itself or the house's mains supply has been going AWOL. (On a recent stayover, my GF swore blind that the street lights went out for a while.) It would be quite useful to...
  13. HumberMart

    Log Book Loan Scam

    With some irony (seeing as he's an FD!) a friend has just been caught by a scam involving 'Log Book Loans'. Despite being a very active car buyer for many years, and the masses of stuff I now find on Google about them, I'd never heard of them until today (- although I did find a previous post...
  14. npuk

    Dont forget to log out of forums .....

    ... especially if your going to post things about your partner. My wife and my side chick aka my tl - AcuraZine Community If you cant be bothered to read it all read the first post and then post #44 :doh: :D If your wondering what the 'TL sidekick he refers to is, it is this: acura tl -...
  15. coupe deville

    ebay log in problem

    hi all, does anyone know why when I tick the box to stay signed in for the day on ebay it doesn't keep me signed in :confused:
  16. Spinal

    International Log Book

    I've been recomended to get an "international log book" to supplement my V5 while driving though Africa... Problem is, I can't find any information on this online... Does anyone know what it is, where I apply for it, costs, etc? TIA, M.
  17. robertjrt

    Initial quick test log query

    :dk:Help! I have copies of two Test Logs and I would like an opinion on them. As you may well have read about my saga with Mercedes-Benz I am still searching for how the damage was caused. Post have indicated that jump starting the dead battery on my car is unlikely, if so, how do you do...
  18. prprandall51

    Win XP Log On / Log off problem

    Can anyone please help? My PC won't let me log on anymore; it logs you straight back off again - including the Administrator log-in and also in Safe Mode. A web search indicates this is a not-unknown problem and this has pointed me to a partial solution whereby I can log in if I swap the...
  19. A

    Converting gas fire to log burning stove

    Hello Currently have a Gas 'coal' look fire. Just woundering if we were to convert to a Log burning stove what is needed? Do we have to have the chimney fitted with a flu liner. Can we keep the current half and surround and fit the 'new' stove in its place. Obvioulsy the gas pipe would...
  20. amwebby

    Electronic Log Book

    Perusing the accessory catalogue for the CLS (http://www.mercedes-benz.sk/pdf/accessories/brochure_access_cls.pdf), I came across the Electronic Log Book. It appears to be an electronic data recording system that plugs into COMAND and can be used to record journeys, creating a log that can be...
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