1. M

    Getting Logged Off the Forum

    Help. Is it me? :dk: Seems like each time I compose a reply I get logged off before I can submit. I may not type very fast these days and am slower on the iPad but it is really irritating, especially when I lose everything I've typed and have to start over. On other forums I usually get a...
  2. wobbly

    No one else logged on

    3.20am, cannot sleep, no one else logged onto MBClubUK, might as well talk to myself. :o
  3. comports

    where have you logged on from..??

    How sad am I.. On day 13 of my hols in Florida, I find myself logging on to mbclub.co.uk to see whats happening... So... Where have you logged on from..??
  4. mark.t

    all logged

    if i was to try to find out if my car had been fitted with a new turbo would this be logged on its service or other history and whats the best way to find out do i just go to the dealers and ask for a print out of its history or any work they have carrid out over its life span??????? ;)
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