1. C

    Anyone use an obd bluetooth device for data logging?

    I've had my 2012 c63 amg mapped and decided to see what was happening with throttle position with my obd bluetooth device. I know they are supposed to open 75% pre map. Mine appears to be only opening 87% now but I know for a fact the map was set for it to open 98% I've spoken to my tuner who...
  2. E

    New chap logging in

    Please to meet all you M-B people. Didn't even realise there was a forum that celebrated all things Merc. Glad I've found it and I'm never afraid to ask a question if I don't know the answer! Forgot: I drive a black E270 CDI Estate, 2004 plate and It's a smooth beauty.Please to meet you all...
  3. marc.l

    Data logging , key things to look at ?

    I guys Just started using dash command , not the best system but quite a fun app on iPhone . What do I need to look for ? IAT is obvious MAP is obvious as well , but what sort of timing figures and fuel trims should I look for ? A screen shot during a run is attached Marc
  4. whitenemesis

    PV Solar Inverter - Remote Data Logging

    I have just had a PV Solar system installed and the inverter has data logging available. The connection is via USB (square socket, type 'B'?). I was wondering if I could make the connection wireless by adding a WiFi dongle? Do you think this is feasible? Or would the inverter need to be...
  5. M

    Logging in problems

    For some reason I am having problems logging in ? I know my username is correct but the forum wouldnt recognise what I thought was my password.I reset my password and logged in then went straight to change my password.I then changed my password and logged out then logged back in but it didnt...
  6. W

    Logging in to the forum

    Since about a week ago I have to enter my password every time I visit the forum, even when I tick the box to 'remember me'. Previously, I was automatically logged in every time. I use ie 8, and nothing has changed here that I am aware of which might cause this issue. Is anybody else...
  7. M

    XP and logging off / shutting down

    Keep getting nagged to ask the following question..... I have an XP home machine as the main family box. My account seems to work fine (logs off OK, shuts down when I ask it). However.... Wifey & Daughter - log off / swap user = shutdown Son - swap user = OK; log off hangs shutting down...
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