1. B

    Logic 7 speakers

    Anyone else had issues with theirs ? One of my speakers seems to have given up ? Only apparent on some tracks but definitely an issue its not as crisp as it should be ? Easy to find ? Easy to replace ? Expensive ? I'm going to try get it done on warranty from the garage but advice first...
  2. D

    R230 SL - Does my logic stack up?

    For some time I have fancied a comfortable convertible cruiser for high days and holidays, the latter including trips around the continent. The short list seemed to be very short - Jaguar XK or Mercedes SL - and the Jaguar soon dropped out because of the soft top and, to a lesser extent for me...
  3. T5R+

    Private vs Franchise Prices & Logic

    When buying a 2-3 year old (eg) £20- 40K car anticipate spending approximately 10% less with a private sale over franchised - as MB; offer a warranty, prepare to an accepted standard, include a years breakdown, 30 day exchange if change mind and even 7 days insurance plus "peace of mind"...
  4. R

    Weird logic of car insurance

    I'm just looking into renewing the policy on one of the household cars, a small hatch. The missus is listed as the main driver, along with two others. I first got quotes through one of the comparison sites, then realised I'd forgotten to include details of a speeding ticket for her indoors...
  5. developer

    Insurance Company Logic - Go Figure

    Aviva renewal through the letterbox - £718. Me Ring ring - can you better this, it's not competitive (based up MoneySavingExpert quotes) Them Sorry Sir, maybe a £50 saving at best. Subsequent Aviva Online quote - £360, :dk:
  6. M

    Retrofit Harman Kardon - enabling Logic 7 NTG4

    The car came with APS 50. Retrofitted Comand NTG4. Did not get any codes with the unit and it did not require code either after install. I am now going to retrofit H/K sound system in car, and was wondering how to enable the logic 7 on/off option in Comand?
  7. TomJones

    Comand 2.0 + dvb logic tv tuner

    As i hated having a non-operational button, I have added a dvb logic tv tuner to comand 2.0 in a w210. I would like to disable video when above 5 mph. Can comand can be programmed for this? I'm not interested in having the feature enabled when driving, only when stationary.
  8. MB-BTurbo

    Bizzare knocking noise. Defeated me, the mechanic and logic

    I had a knocking noise coming from the front left side of the car. The garage identified it as an ARB bush. They cleaned it, greased it and put it back on. Knocking stopped for 2 months. It then came back so I squirted it with silicon grease and it went away for 3 weeks, then came back. Did...
  9. omega1

    Logic / Voltage when alarm is set?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a logic or voltage that will indicate when the alarm is set? Does anyone know where I can find such a supply? Basically looking for a +12vdc that is only present when car is locked and alarmed, thanks.
  10. omega1

    Logic / Voltage control pin to shut off engine

    Hi all, I have been working on a little kit, mainly for other applications, and can see no reason why I oculdnt use it for automotive applications too, which consists of a circuit that will send you a SMS message if your car is taken without your knowledge, but you can also send SMS back to...
  11. BaldGuy

    Harman Kardon Logic 7

    Can someone please let me know a bit about this setup... Sorry to be thick... Harman Kardon Logic 7
  12. Goldman555

    JL Sub in C55 AMG with Logic 7

    I did not find the existing Mercedes-Benz SUB Bass speaker that comes with the logic seven HIFI adequate enough so I fitted a third party one and it seems to be okay a whole set up cost less than £1000. The first view shows the system from the boot. There is still ample room in the boot...
  13. DSLiverpool

    Strange Fault Defies Logic

    I have put a Sony head unit in the car it is a cd / tuner with bluetooth and it went straight in - however. The radio is fine it plays perfectly if a bit poor on AM The CD only plays through the mid / tweeters not the in door woofers Its the R129 not the CLS I hasten to mention Its...
  14. Dieselman

    Logic 230K

    Nice looking car Logic, bit shiny on the wheels maybe but .... Maybe try to space your pictures so they fall under each other not side buy side. Just place a return to drop the linky down. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=41234 BTW, no one can reply to your Gallery...
  15. whitenemesis

    Controlling Logic??

    The more I read about the electronics in my car the more I wonder, "what is the controlling logic? Where is it stored?" I know there are a number of SAMs (what does SAM stand for?) that control functions depending on certain conditions. Is there an overall logic ladder somewhere? Are these...
  16. G

    Service Intervals logic

    On collection Comand in my E320 CDi Estate said "Service B in 10,650ish miles" With 6,150 miles on the clock it's now stating "Service C in 6,454 miles". Seems unusual to say the least ! Any one know why and/or what they cost typically ? :(
  17. pammy

    logic test to pass a few minutes ..

    ..or maybe more link Click on link then click on blue circle. Use the rules below. (Apparently this is an IQ test given to job applicants in Japan: "Everybody has to cross the river".) The? following rules apply: Only 2 persons on the raft at a time The father can not stay...
  18. T

    harman/kardon LOGIC 7 Surround Sound System

    Does anyone have this fitted as an option and is it worth it?
  19. Goldfish11

    Fuel Figures EuroIII and EuroIV - Whats the logic??

    I have just been looking at the fuel consumption figures for the new EuroIV figures. These are meant to be more environmentally friendly, but it seems they have worse MPG figures. It is now better to drive a E270CDI Euro3 than a E220CDI Euro4 in terms of emmissions. I thought this was all...
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