1. G

    Door Courtesy MB Logo Lights - W169 W245

    I bought these, but used a different set, so brand new, boxed and working perfectly - see pics. These will fit W169 / C169; W245 and X204. There might be other models, not sure - please see the type and position of the socket. Plug and play - simply remove your existing...
  2. E63AMG

    W212 AMG start up logo on Comand screen

    I know this can be done as MB HQ have confirmed it but my local dealer is struggling. Does anybody know how its changed, so I can point the stealer in the right direction? Many thanks.
  3. 4

    w211 e270 cdi 2003 dvd AMG logo

    Hi , is it possible to change big screen command dvd mb logo to amg logo for this model ???? Thanks in advance.
  4. S30MSN

    AMG Logo

    I've heard that the startup logo on the Command System can be changed from the current Mercedes Benz one to an AMG logo. Apparently the logo is there and hidden in the code for the Command system and carrying out a sequence of key presses enables it. I wouldn't mind having it and was...
  5. B

    w205 command AMG LOGO

    Afternoon all, just wanting to know if anyone would tell me how i change my mercedes benz logo on my command screen on start up to the AMG logo :rock: it is possible as they are other logos in there hidden, i was told this by my merc dealer this morning when taking the car for its first...
  6. foxy1305

    Screen logo

    I've seen a video on YouTube suggesting you can change the start up log on the nag screen. However only for an older comand system. Mine is the 2.5 version I think (late 2008) anyone done this on the newer system?
  7. Pitts Pilot

    OMG boot logo?

    Anyone know where I can buy an AMG boot logo? However, I want a custom design for my SL63 that says "OMG" not "AMG" :D Cheers, Robert
  8. DazNich

    C63 AMG Logo on the grill (like the new ones)

    Hi, I wondered if there's any way to change the grill on a 2014 C63 so it has the AMG logo 'built in', like on this pic? New Mercedes-Benz C63s AMG Edition 1 Also Revealed But of course that pic is the very latest one, not the same as mine. Cheers
  9. zoros

    AMG logo

    Can someone enlighten me about the "A" in the AMG saga please? Some talk about it slanting towards the M and others about it slanting away from the M?? What's going on?
  10. BlackC55

    AMG Logo Hi-res

    Does anyone have any hi-res AMG logos they can email me? info@prestigecarservice.co.uk
  11. rossy

    AMG LOGO's twin offset exhaust tips?

    I'm after a set of these...how the hell can they ask between £260 £399 for them...???? You can get a full exhaust made for that! :) Anyone on here sell them at a reasonable price? or just anyone in uk for that matter? The issue is the total width...I realy want the LOGO but if they were some...
  12. A

    Visit workshop logo on dashboard.. aaagghh E211 suspension

    Hello Not used my car this weekend, jumped in it today to move it back a small way to get the wifes out and this was on the dashboard.... :( Rang the independant who said its the suspension, it hasn't air but its an estate so self leveling rear. Anyone else had this? I'm hoping it...
  13. whitenemesis

    Mercedes to Revise the AMG Logo

    Apparently a slightly revised logo is to be released, not sure when, anyone know? Old New
  14. neilz

    Largest Mercedes logo yet on a grille?

    This can be seen only in BULGARIA - YouTube 3:35 in :crazy::doh:
  15. BillyW124

    AMG logo Air bag, w124 129, 202 etc

    Einsatz AMG Logo Lenkrad W124 R129 W202 W210 W168 R170 | eBay http://www.ebay.de/itm/Einsatz-AMG-Logo-Lenkrad-W124-R129-W202-W210-W168-R170-/180735165683?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item2a14a7c4f3
  16. S

    Help! Logo contest - your vote needed!

    Running a contest for a logo design, and would be grateful for opinions Vote | 99designs :thumb:
  17. ringway

    Inserting logo in Yahoo! email.

    Hi, guy's. For email, I use Yahoo! At the moment, I have a text based email signature in our company colours. The signature looks acceptable, but I'd really like to be able to insert our logo (simple, text based with no images) and I'm hoping that this may be achievable without too much...
  18. N

    Wind Powered Sensor RGB LED Vehicle Logo - Benz

    Just what you need. DealExtreme: $4.71 Wind Powered Sensor RGB LED Vehicle Logo - Benz
  19. arkamelis

    mercedes logo comand 2

    hi all is there anyway to keep the mercedes logo on the comand head unit, rather than the usual screen, while the unit is in use ?. thing is im not to into the big bright display when playing cd's of radio. i know you can turn the display off, that iv worked out . but i do like the black...
  20. W

    Mats with MBClub logo?

    Are there are plans to offer mats with the MBClub logo embroidered on them? I'm not talking maxpower style, just something subtle in the corner.
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