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  1. S

    MB Specialist (classic car?) East London/Essex

    Hello, Anyone recommend a MB specialist in the East London/Essex area? I need the fuel mixture adjusted in my 84 500SEC.. Cheers
  2. D

    Good East London/Essex independent

    Hey guys. Looking for a good, reliable and honest independent place to get my car serviced. Anyone had any good/bad experiences? Places to go/steer clear from? Thanks
  3. S

    C220 CDI remap in London/Essex and advice

    Hey people Considering a remap on my 64 plate 220 CDI Coupe. Any good places in the London or essex area ? Would like a little more performance and little more mpg (car is always ran on vpower diesal) Problem is car is under warranty and don't want to give MB a excuse to not honour...
  4. Dee James

    Is there ever a East London/Essex meet?

    Is there ever a East London/Essex meet? Would be nice to put some faces to names :thumb:
  5. Dee James

    Specialists in East London/essex?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place but can anyone recommend a specialist in the East London/Essex area? After reading some posts on here and taking into account the age of my car I think main dealers are out of the question . . .
  6. Nic55

    Remaping London/Essex

    Any good reputable mappers around London/Essex area. Want to get me 209 AMG remapped
  7. Prash87

    Best place to get Breakpads + Disks changed in East London/Essex

    Hey Guys, my front axle Breakpads & Disks are running out and I would like to know which place you would recommend to get it done around East London. Would be also interested in Quotes inboxed to me =) ... it's a C220 CDI (170BHP) 2008 with AMG Sport Suspension Thanks :thumb:
  8. donshl

    MB Dealers around London/Essex Area

    Hi All, Just yesterday I noticed that my next service (Service A) is due in 208 Miles. The car was last serviced in Feb 2011(iirc) with a MB dealer and that was before I purchased it. It also has full MB service history. Since this will be my first service, I plan to take to take it to a...
  9. Roadie

    Trusted audio installer London/Essex area

    Hi everyone, since buying my CLK i'm finally getting round to fit my hi fi system but after looking at all the panels i'd need to pull off and carpet lifting requiring i've decided to give it to someone who knows what there doing but mainly a company who have experience with mercs. So, could...
  10. J

    Beware: Mercedes Thieves in E London/Essex

    Just thought I'd relate my sad story. Last week my pride and joy, my black Mercedes 300CE-24 Sportline was stolen from my road. I can't believe this has happened, especially after having my Mercedes 260E stolen from the same place last July! It must have been an organised gang, as they...
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