1. D

    w124 back bumper inserts no longer avail

    mercedes yesterday said none avail and they will not make any the car should be marked uneconomical to repair and written off:wallbash:
  2. A

    E Class estates dimensions - longer and lower

    We had a 211 and then a 212 estate and i was interested to learn that the boot on the 213 is a bit smaller, despite the length of the car increasing. Dimensions attached for 213, 212, 211. I couldn't find the 210 dimensions but my guess is that the boot is shorter but taller sill, with a flat...
  3. M

    R129 Indicators no longer available!

    WTF!!!! My SL60 AMG indicator popped out...as they do.. Mercedes no longer supply!! How can that be. Rang all aftermarket suppliers and no one can get them.. Found some on ebay... no brand listed... not happy about using aftermarket parts but seems like no choice. my little rant of the...
  4. S

    H&R 20mm Spacers Trak + DRA series - no need longer wheel bolts.

    Hi All, I have a set of H&R hubcentric 20mm Spacers for sale. Trak+ DRA series. Bolt pattern 5/112 - Center Bore 66.5 - DRA 40556654 Can be used for rears or fronts. Please check H&R website for fitment. http://www.trakplus.com/application £50 for the pair. Can be collected from...
  5. Screwdriver

    W123 Brake Master Cylinder: Bendix no longer available from MB. Swap to ATE?

    Greetings, Lately, my brake pedals been sporadically disappearing into the floor panel after a recent copper hose + fluid change. I thought about changing my master cylinder and called MB UK to order a replacement only to learn that they only stock ATE and no Bendix. I'm not sure what my...
  6. W

    SLK R170 no longer locking.

    Hi everyone. The central locking on my R170 has become intermittent/stopped working. I can hear the pump going off whenever I open the door but it no longer locks the car every time. The alarm still activates and I can use the key to lock it. Any pointers to where to start looking?
  7. clk208

    No longer sipping oil

    My petrol CLS used to like a wee dram of oil. Nothing major and well within allowable spec - probably 200-250ml every 1000 miles for getting on for 3 years. Since it's latest service in February this year it hasn't drunk a drop. Just checked the level as about to go on a road trip and it is...
  8. MOR8A

    Seat no longer going back after battery removal

    Hi there I wonder if anyone has a fix for this? After changing the battery I have noticed that the drivers seat no longer goes back upon exiting the car. The steering column still goes up ok. I have checked the programming set up and I have the correct setting (steering column and seat). I...
  9. ioweddie

    I've been married 43 years tomorrow. Any one lasted longer

    I can not believe I have been married 43 years tomorrow, just wondered if any one has lasted longer? LOL :eek:
  10. S

    W221 glow lights stays on for longer

    About 2 weeks ago, the glow light indicator came on the instrument panel after starting the car. Usually, it comes on initially and then goes away after 2 or 3 seconds. Lately, it goes away but then returns a few seconds later, and stays on for about a minute or so. After this point...
  11. developer

    Laptop No Longer Seeing Phone

    My HTC One Mini connects to the laptop via a mini usb cable. It's been fine for months, but now the phone doesn't show in "Computer" on the laptop tree structure any more. When I connect there's a "ta da", so it appears the connection is recognised. Also, the lead still charges the phone...
  12. Sparqx

    W211 electric folding wing drivers side no longer working

    Hi there, After a marathon detail last Saturday, this week my drivers side folding mirror started to intermittently fail to fold out completely and then after a short while it would get there. Now it doesn't work anymore.... Have manually folded it out but it doesn't feel very secure and a...
  13. S

    250 Engine No longer Brabus

    I noted that the 250 Engine no longer has a brabus desiel chip available and being honest, its too slow. Granted I am not the target customer for Mercedes sure. But the SLK 250 is on 0 percent finance and the 250 engine is cheaper. Do you know of any amazing torque changes and ideas that you...
  14. D

    If I'd have only waited a little longer...

    ...for this E55 to come up for sale... SUPER CHROME SILVER MERCEDES E CLASS E55 AMG - FULLY LOADED - MUST BE SEEN | eBay
  15. A

    ml longer front shocks

    hello, im looking for some longer front shocks for my ml270 163 ml, does any one know where i can get these from? or even made thanks in advance andy
  16. M

    Require PSE Pump for 1999 R129. Merc no longer make these.

    Hi there I have just had my PSE Pump pack in. On investigation it is corroded and burnt out inside according to the garage. Unfortunately he contacted Merc to get prices on a new one, and they have none in stock, but more worryingly he was told Merc have stopped making these for my model all...
  17. The Boss

    New C-Class W205 Has a Longer Wheelbase Than The E-Class W210

    New C-Class W205 Has a Longer Wheelbase Than The E-Class W210 Over the years and four generations - if we're also including the 190E (W201) - the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has remained rather faithful to a much smaller size than its big brothers, with each new generation taking only baby...
  18. A

    longer legs for an slc ??

    Hi there, I have a 350slc chassis 107.023 engine 116.982/4 it currently runs the original 3 speed box but I'm wondering if there is an easyish swap for a 4 speed box and would it improve cruising performance and perhaps fuel economy? thanks
  19. D

    Becker Map Pilot - No longer a smooth zoom!

    Hi, recently updated my Map Pilot (in W212 Estate) to software version 2.5.26 (Maps 2011Q2) Since doing this, the zoom in and out when using centre control button(Not Autozoom) jumps from 50yds, 100 yds, 0.1Mile, 0.3Mile etc. It use to be a nice gradual zoom in and out, ie spin the button and...
  20. Palfrem

    E36 no longer a cool car

    Anyone know where I may get the E36 re-gassed in Brum or Solihull please? The first hot day of the year and a drive to London today exposed the aircon as a bit lacking. Many thanks
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