1. R

    Best way to leave car idle for long-ish period of time?

    I'll have to leave my car (A160 W168) for just over 10 weeks, and while I can arrange for someone to run the engine for 10min while stationary, say once or twice a week, no one will be driving it. Now the question is: what would be the best way to deal with the situation: 1. Have the engine...
  2. MikeL

    Toyota IQ update (longish)

    Had the car just under a week here are a few musings: First off very pleased overall, despite being a relatively slow car, around town there is never any feeling of struggling, the gearbox, clutch and throttle are all quite light - the latter too light after driving larger cars but nothing...
  3. R

    Dealer first visit / service report (longish)

    So I took my C270Cdi Estate for its first ever trip to my local dealer (MB Chester) – the cars an Oct 04 vehicle that I bought in March 05 from MB Direct with 6000 miles. I only really use the car for long motorway journeys, and it’s shown service A at approx 18,500 miles for some time. I...
  4. S

    Road Angel - Review Long(ish) Post

    Been using Road Angel for a few days now (600 miles). This unit is excellent so far, pre-warning me of gatsos and blackspots, I have not yet come across any mobile or average speed cameras (to my knowledge!!!) I have used it mostly on routes I travel regularly so almost all cameras I knew...
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