1. I

    Longlife Northampton

    Anybody used them?
  2. Coggers

    Longlife Basingstoke doing my Cat delete

    Have just booked the C55 into Longlife Basingstoke for this Saturday to get the Cat and resonator removed. Did a quick run-through over the phone to tell him what I want and he has provisionally quoted saying that it will cost around £100+VAT. When I said that I wouldn't want to travel there...
  3. AMG Steve

    LongLife quad exhaust conversion CLK55 AMG

    Hi fellas...... A few members have asked for close-up pictures of the install. The cross over pipe is the only safe route we could find because of all the underside bracing being a soft top. This has not caused me any trouble so all is good The 1st idea was to fit a small centre box with 2...
  4. Swiss Toni

    VW TDI Longlife Servicing - starte date in the UK?

    Morning Can anyone point me to a t'internet link that gives the start date for "Longlife" variable servicing periods on VW TDI engines? Specifically I am looking at 130 TDI engines - what was the date when the uk models came with the necessary sensors (and so required top quality longlife...
  5. D

    Mobil 1 0w-40 Longlife oil 5 litres, Sealed

    I have BRAND NEW factory sealed Mobil 1 oil for petrol engines 5 litre container Fill date Feb'08 - this has been stored in a cool and out of sunlight place so the contents shouldn't degrade for another 2 yrs (so I'm told). Halfords are selling at £47.99...
  6. vijilants

    Anyone used Longlife Custom Exhausts ?

    I recently contacted Longlife exhausts in London as I need to mate up my Remus rear box with the original exhaust and this is the answer I received......they seem to be a lot cheaper than fitting an OEM exhaust and its stainless steel and guaranteed for life. Anyone used them ? "We can...
  7. M

    Long-life exhaust, Remus etc..

    Hello there, I am wondering if any of you have fitted custom made long-life exhaust to thier cars (http://www.exhausts.uk.com) if so, how are they compared to Remus type one and the like? Do you think it's a good idea to have these aftermarket exhaust fitted (to complement my chipped...
  8. B

    Castrol SLX Longlife II 0W-30

    hi all! does anybody know if this oil is any good for a w202 C220 96'? fully synthetic 0w-30 thanks all!
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