1. P

    On the Lookout for my first C63

    Hi Guys Brand new here Will be selling up my 2013 S4 just after Xmas and decided that i will replace her with a C63. i will be looking for a pre-facelift model ideally with performance pack (depending on budget) around 35-45k mileage range. Seems like the prices have dropped quite a bit...
  2. B

    On The Lookout for a e320cdi Estate

    After some nut job totalled my 2005 e320 on Friday , i was informed today its a write off . Insurance company has offered £6550 which seems pretty fair to me ,although im sure your never supposed to accept the first offer they make you ? I loved that car so Im going to go for another 320cdi...
  3. DCphoenix

    Lookout! There's a new C63 about

    Well, finally took delivery of my new C63 AMG saloon. Nearly didn’t happen! You know what it’s like when you pay for the car by debit card, and you have to ring up the bank, mess about for 30 minutes, then.......they ask the security questions! Apparently, I answered all but one correctly, so...
  4. portzy

    Always keep a good lookout!!!

    I hope this worked.
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