1. cws196

    MB wiring loom tape

    Genuine Mercedes loom-tape used for wrapping wires together to ensure they don't get damaged. £8 posted. Email me at: cws196@googlemail.com
  2. B

    M156 6.2 AMG engine, loom, ecu and gearbox wanted

    Anyone got this lot for sale? Someone possibly breaking a car? Will most likely need a few more bits as well.
  3. Celicasaur

    W124 M104 engine upper wiring loom

    I just replaced my loom for a new genuine MB item as part of a long-term restoration project that I'm doing on my cabriolet. Selling my old loom to anybody who wants a cheap/quick fix to get them out of a pickle on their car. The loom is showing signs of being quite tired and has the usual...
  4. B

    W124 e280 engine loom

    Genuine Mercedes engine wiring loom which I bought 3 years ago from Inchcape Mercedes for about £750! Car has been off the road for 2 years. Open to sensible offers.
  5. A

    W124 E320 engine wiring loom

    Hi Guys I've come to the point where the inevitable wiring loom syndrome has crippled me. I'm in desperate need of a engine wiring harness for my w124 E320 coupe M104 engine which has cruise. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers Ash
  6. D

    W210 passenger seat loom help

    Got some time on my hands and really want to fit the passenger seat with memory into my car. I'm struggling to find any breakers who keep looms so looks like I need to make one. My car already has heated, cooled, ergonomic seats just memory and font/back movement missing from passenger...
  7. guydewdney

    wanted. engine loom for petrol 124

    anyone got one? 4 pot. guy
  8. C

    C124 loom change - spare connector

    Gents, just bought myself a project c124 320, which had a loom Change in the past few years, but no invoice to provide it (seller said they'd look for it ). Found a spare plug as shown below just to the right of the t-stat, can anyone tell me where this would normally go as there doesn't appear...
  9. Pathewolf

    W210 CD Power/ Wake Up Loom

    This may be a silly question but I need a CD power/ wake up loom in order to install an original CD changer! Would the audio shop fitting the changer have something suitable, or will I need to source this myself? Command Online is not an option as I asked them 10 days ago and I am still...
  10. Bleazzy

    Is an sl500 ignition loom the same as an sl60 amg ignition loom

    My dilemma
  11. A

    400 E misfires after replacing engine wiring loom

    I've got a low milage '93 400 E w124, which I've just bought. After checking the wiring loom I replaced it with a used one (manufactured in 2008) which seems to be in excellent condition from looking at it. When all was replaced, which was quite straight forward, the car started to misfire...
  12. P

    500E lower wiring loom

    I am contacting you because I am stuck with a situation.* I have a 1992 500E (w124) which suffers from a very badly damaged wiring harness illness (due to this "famous" biodegradable cable coating).* I managed to obtain an OEM part from Merc Germany in order to have the engine loom...
  13. E

    R129 Engine Wiring Loom Part Number Enquiry

    This is a repeat of the same post in the Electronics section, but I think will get more exposure here. My '94 R129 SL500 needs a new engine wiring loom (no surprise...). The VIN is WDB1290672F103359. I planned to get it refurbished by Si-Leck in New Romney (half the price of MB for a new one)...
  14. E

    R129 wiring loom part number

    My '94 R129 SL500 needs a new engine wiring loom (no surprise...). The VIN is WDB1290672F103359. I planned to get it refurbished by Si-Leck in New Romney (half the price of MB for a new one). It's a (very) long story, but I'm beginning to suspect that the (poor condition) engine wiring loom off...
  15. ss201

    W124 illuminated visor loom - hope you're sitting down

    Pal of mine wanted to retro-fit illuminated sun visors in his W124......changed his mind when he priced up the tiny wiring loom at the dealership. £170 to you sir!
  16. M

    w124 memory drivers seat with loom and switch

    This will fit saloons and estates, but not coupes/cabs. It's a full drivers seat, with the memory module, wiring loom, and door switch. All in working order. I can include heated mushroom leather upholstery for it as well if required, though this does have some wear/small hole on the bolster...
  17. M

    oil in the wiring loom

    I've seen old threads on here with same problems do I buy the loom from main dealer or is there any one who has them checked history papers and it's had 3 o2 sensors and scanner says it's sensor again but it's filled with oil
  18. Coddie

    oil in engine wiring loom w203

    Hi apologies for starting a new post on this one, I've seen other threads on this issue but cannot find them again. its regarding the oil leak from the engine that contaminates the wiring loom and ecu, causing faults to show with the oxygen sensors. As it seems to be a common fault, were the...
  19. C

    Part Number for CLK Heated Seat Wiring loom

    Hi Guys Am looking to retro fit heated seats to a 2008 W209 CLK convertible, with both driver & passenger electrically adjustable (+ memory, but not orthopedic) seats. I appreciate this has been done before, but I cannot find info on the part number for the necessary wiring loom from searching...
  20. J

    SRS Light and N/S/F seat loom

    Morning all this is long winded but here goes. SRS light is on my 2005 CLK 3.2 Conv Star diags show fault with passenger seat loom (£22.90) and passenger seat pad (£352.00) I was then advised that the diags might be incorrect due to the seat pad being after the loom in the wiring and if it...
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