1. E

    LHD/RHD engine wiring looms

    Hi, The electrical problems with my 2004 C220 cdi point towards replacing the engine wiring loom. The part number is A6461500833. The cleanest and best presented one that I can find on ebay is from Germany and has a part number with a '6' replacing the '8'. This might indicate a left hand drive...
  2. Colin_b

    Retirement looms, so car rearrangement...

    Retirement is coming up on the horizon, so I need to rearrange my cars. The SLK350 needs to go, with great regret, and be replaced with something smaller and cheaper to run. So the question is where best to sell the trusty SLK? Are places like webuyanycar any good, or is there a better way? I...
  3. M

    iPod Kit - Wiring looms ?????

    Hi Folks, After a lot of consideration I have settled for the iPod kit and no phone. Mainly becasue of the costs and the fact I already bought a new iPod kit off eBay. It's going into a 55 plate W203 with NTG2. I have the install instructions off Mercupgrades and they are absolutely great...
  4. N

    W202 C Class Black leather electric seats with looms.

    These seats from a 1996 W202 C280 are in really excellent condition. The driver's seat looks as good as new. There are no nicks, tears, blown seams, fag burns or any damage at all to the leather that I can see. The photos were taken in very bright sunlight without doing anything at all to...
  5. A

    W124 Engine bay wiring looms

    It seems that a lot of these looms are now reaching the end of their lives - replacement is the easiest (but costly) option. To help soften the blow, I've had a word with my local dealer who previously offered us a 'club discount' of 15%. Not much improvement really but they've agreed to give...
  6. A

    W124 Engine Wiring Looms

    May be of use to somebody: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270373120833&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123 Andy C.
  7. NW_Merc

    W124 reading lamps - pair (with looms)

    WANTED W124 reading lamps - pair (with looms) As above - must be in good condition :bannana: Picture shown below (no need for custom carbon fibre)
  8. NW_Merc

    Wanted: wiring looms for passenger and driver's seats for W202

    Any help on part numbers or parts cheers :)
  9. S

    oil, water and engine wiring looms

    Help - Just been looking into a small oil leak and small water leak on my 1992 W124 E320. while looking for the leak i moved some wiring at the front of the engine bay (after removing the black plastic cover on the front of the engine - behind the radiator fan). i guess this is the...
  10. M

    Engine LOOMs (perils of a pitstop boy)

    Got to replace the wireing loom on my engine.. Just a little V12 Getting one from my LOCAL Stealer at £328.00 very Unreasonable I think Car is ticking over like a tractor and misses and pops when in gear.. Anyone ever done it before?? what problems should I expect.. any...
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