1. A

    MOST loop adaptors - wrong connection?

    Trying to bypass digital TV module to identify a fault. Bought a female MOST loop cable, but once I got the TV module out, I found a combined power and optical connection on the back. Splitting out the optical, it's just a narrow male connection (like the one which goes into the Nav DVD under...
  2. A

    MOST loop for TV tuner - male or female?

    I wonder can someone help me out since I want to order one online ASAP and don't get home early enough to take the boot apart in daylight! In order to bypass the digital TV tuner in my CLS55, which sex adaptor is required? Also, any issues with the cheap plastic bypass loops rather than...
  3. R

    Spare fiber optic test loop

    FOC to first responder. Like this one: MOST Fiber Optic Loop Plastic Female Connector Adaptor For Audi BMW Porsche DE | eBay
  4. D

    Comand stuck in boot loop

    Hi, My comand has gone into a boot loop all of a sudden. Here is some info: Car was parked for 4 days, battery seems fine @ 12v when car is off. Comand shows insert navigations-dvd, when i do it shows rebooting and then after a few seconds the insert navigations dvd shows again. Had...
  5. T

    What would cause an open loop fuel system?

    Hi. For my W208 CLK230K, I've been have an excessive fuel consumption problem for quite a while now. 60L would run me perhaps 380-400km , This is in excess of 15l/100km ! Compression test shows everything OK. Star Diag shows no fault codes. As a last resort I bought the AutoTap software and...
  6. grober

    Yves Rossy Loops the Loop!

    Yep its that Swiss airline pilot who can't get enough of flying jets! He gone all acrobatic now with a smaller wing! Jetman Yves Rossy completes aerial loops (VIDEO) - Odd News | newslite.tv
  7. hercules

    Ipod harnes loop problem

    Is it normal to have comunication IC problem when connect Ipod wiring harness loom without connecting the interface :confused:
  8. M

    Interior lights & central locking on same electric loop?

    I am trying to locate the cause of an electrical fault in a W210, and will appreciate if some one can tell me: Are the interior lights on the same electrical circuit loop as the central locking (specifically: the remote-control part of the central locking)? It they are, then what else is on...
  9. horsesuitedfool

    W203 Fibre loop HELP!!

    I took comand out of my W203 as it was written off and replaced it by 'borrowing' an audio 20 from my G/F C Class coupe. I noticed however that her had no orange fibre cables whereas mine did. So when putting comand into hers temporarily it obviously didnt work..... My question is when i buy my...
  10. pammy

    XP Blue Screen of Death caught in an eternal loop

    aaaaaargh - Josh's PC has suddenly gone into an eternal circle of shutting down, only to restart automatically - if only it would fully restart. Instead it brings up the screen giving you the options of safe mode, safe mode with networking, last safe config, normal etc. Select any one and it...
  11. glojo

    Loop holes and the law

    Following on from my other thread: Are we happy to have the likes of Nick Freeman, the celebrity barrister who is nicknamed Mr Loophole to practice his type of law? If so why? If not why? Please feel free to have a friendly debate but be prepared to have differing points of view.
  12. mb240

    D2B converter? How to remove a fibre optic loop?

    I have a Becker Cascade headunit. I previously posted that it stops working after an hour and doesn't come on or off with ignition like the factory Audio 10 did. It also had a factory CD changer installed and has the D2B fibre optic connection in the dash. The Becker shuts itself off after an...
  13. Gucci

    Reg plate loop hole

    http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=17085 (apologies if posted before)
  14. scotth_uk

    Anyone want to loop a plane this weekend?

    Hi guys, I arranged this for a group of guys I work with and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has dropped out at the last minute. Anyone care to join me? Hammo's "Pants of Thunder" day 15th May 2004 - Redhill Aerodrome In the spirit of excitement and all things generally CRAZY! I have decided...
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