1. Peter Michaels

    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Hello i noticed to day a finger-thick black rubber pipe hanging down underneath the body, just next to the left of the right rear wheel. I haven't noticed this before, the pipe is about 1/4 of an inch thick and hangs down maybe 6 inches. But i cant see where it connects. I hope its nothing...
  2. Fidge

    Rear tow eye cover loose

    As above. I went over my rear bumper with a DA polisher yesterday and the tow eye cover popped out, now it won't stay put and is very loose. Is there a knack to putting it back so that it doesn’t fall out? As far as I can tell nothing has broken off it. :dk:
  3. V

    Steering Somewhat Loose / Too much freeplay W203

    Hello. Currently I'm driving a c200 kompressor w203 year 2000. What i am facing now is, there's a play in the steering and a little clunking noise coming out from the steering whenever i turn it to the left. I have already sent my car for wheels alignments but it was only for a while. Noted...
  4. N

    CLK W209 Steering - is it 'loose'

    Hi, Great forum, loads of info and I think I'll be using it a fair bit during my CLK ownership... I've got a W209 CLK 320cdi Sport 66k on the clock. The steering feels slightly 'loose' around the centre, particularly on the left. At first I thought -it's a 10yr old car so won't be as tight...
  5. R

    Sunroof Bellow loose? Model: C180K Evolution Panorama Coupe 55

    Good evening, I am Reg and new to the forum. Would appreciate some advice on an issue with the sunroof on my C180K Coupe with the Panoramic sunroof. It appears as if the plastic sunroof bellow on the drivers side has slipped off the track. There doesn't appear to be an broken parts and...
  6. C

    C63 loose rear end(!)

    I've noticed over the last few weeks the back end on my 2010 C63 saloon feels a bit 'loose' and 'knocky'. It's almost as if I have a couple of bushes that could be wearing. I can only feel it when going slowly and on particular roads (where concrete is bad - ie- road I travel down everyday by...
  7. F

    Off side door mirror loose in holder.

    I have an 03 E320 & am having a problem with my door mirror. After parking on the road I returned to the car to find the drivers' side mirror hanging loose from the surround, just supported by the wiring. Probably been clipped but no obvious damage. There are 2 curved metal clips on the...
  8. V

    2003 W164 Housing for the control levers on steering column loose

    The housing for the various controls mounted on the steering column (combination stalk, cruise control and gear-lever) of my 2006 ML350 (with electric steering column adjustment) has become loose and the whole mechanism rotates on the steering column in both directions by a few degrees when...
  9. R

    W124 Door trim loose

    I recon there's a knack to replacing the bottom door trim as it has come loose at one end... Does anyone know it! Thanks! Rich
  10. F

    W203 estate tailgate striker/hoop loose

    Tha hoop thing that the tailgate catches on is very loose on my car, how do I get to the bolts holding it? I've removed the 4 screws holding the surrounding trim but it won't budge and even if it did, is that the right way to go about it? Thanks
  11. tmwsccsh

    R129 Hard Top Headlining Loose

    Hi All, As stated above, I have noticed today that a strip of the fabric along the edge of the hardtop has come loose. I can tuck it under again but it just comes out once more. Can anyone advise what is the best glue can I use to hold it in place that won't soak through and show up on...
  12. L

    Engine Cover loose?

    Poking around in the engine bay earlier and noticed that I can lift the plastic cover on top of the engine (pic below) very easily from the back, almost as if it's not clipped in place or secured down at the back at all. I lifted the back edge about 3-4 inches with the front still in place and...
  13. Palfrem

    New windscreen fitted - now roof trim loose

    Had a new windscreen fitted by Autoglass a few weeks back. Car has only been 5 miles or so for MOT ever since and has been sitting in the garage. Came to wash it and noticed the roof trim is loose. Now matter how hard I try, it won't go back in. Is this connected to the fitting of the...
  14. M

    W209 loose steering column

    Hi All, A friend of mine has an issue with his W209. The steering cowel behind the steering wheel is loose and rotates a good few degrees in both directions. When you operate the indicator stalk, the whole assemble moves with it. I took the wheel off and the main module unit to reveal the...
  15. D

    Drivers Electric Folding Door Mirror Loose

    Just noticed that my Drivers Electric Folding Door Mirror is slightly loose compared with the nearside door mirror. Is this a easy fix to tighten up without removing the inner door trim. My car is a 2005 C220 CDI.
  16. flying haggis

    loose headlight

    Hi all, whilst changing a blown bulb on SWMBOs W203 c class est I noticed that the o/s headlight cluster seems to loose at the bottom ie I can lift it slightly. Does anybody know how I can gain access to the lower fixing to see if it is broken or perhaps the bolt is missing.
  17. S

    W208 Convertible Loose O/S/F Pillar

    Hi all, Just noticed today that the pillar on the O/S/F of my car is loose(ish). Recently had the screen changed so suspect it wasn't refitted correctly. How do you remove and re-fit these? Thanks...
  18. 1945wickedred

    Loose baffles in petrol tank R230

    Hi good morning,just got a nasty shock after having a big service,heard this clanging noise a few days ago and could not find out what it was but my mechanic did,it seems that this model R230 from 2003 on has this fault in the fuel tank,the baffle was put in to stop the fuel from slushing around...
  19. L

    CLK 220cdi engine light on loose tube on right side of engine

    Help me please Im really struggling with my CLK 220 CDI 55 plate done 81000 miles it does not rev over 3000 if it does it stops at 4000 but this only happens for first few mins of engine being turned on the engine light is on there is a tube to the right of the engine inserted into nothing...
  20. JoeGons

    Ignition switch came loose.

    :mad: Here's a good one for you!! I have searched. Sorry, but I have not found instructions I can apply to my situation. 2001 W210 E320 RHD First: My ignition switch (Electronic type) assembly has come loose and dripped into the dash. The outer surface bazel just fell off. I need to position...
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