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    E270 cdi auto - looses drive completely

    Hi, I recently bought a E270 cdi auto (early 2003 model) which has turned out to be a bad decision (purchased via a private sale). Soon after buying realised that the car would vibrate/judder at times when accelarating, took it to a local independent mechanic who suggested that its the common...
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    battery looses charge if car not used

    if i do not use my C270 (2001) for 2 days the battery goes flat, how can i check out what is draining the power? thanks for any suggestions
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    E300TD - looses power intermittantly

    My 1998 E300TD W210 has started to loose power when running. From cold it will run OK up to 40mph, then after 3 to 4 minutes, the engine will drop revs to 500 rpm, sometimes stop totally. If it keeps running it will slowley climb in rev's/power to normal. This will repeat every 2 to 3 minutes...
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