1. VioAmethyst

    W202 losing coolant

    Hello! Help! I've got a 2L auto w202, and it's losing coolant. I don't see any leaks, but I go through around 5 litres a week, and there's oil in the radiator as well. However I don't see any coolant in the oil, and there's no white smoke which leads me to hope that it isn't the CHG. I've heard...
  2. D

    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Hi All A question not about my car for once! We have a car in the household where one of the (2002 Yaris with 14" rims) alloys is losing air, its had a brand new tyre fitted so we know its not that, the fitter also wire brushed and applied sealant but this has not helped so the options as I...
  3. L

    Losing automatic gears

    I have a Mercedes 413cdi motor home with an automated gearbox. It has stopped working on automatic and only drives on manual. It was an intermittent problem but always corrected itself but now only driving in manual gears. Where would the gear oil filler be? Any suggestions as to what the fault...
  4. A

    Pioneer AVIC F80-DAB losing GPS

    Hi All I've had a Pioneer AVIC F80DAB unit installed in my CLS for the last 6 months and every few days it completely loses GPS signal. The guy that fitted it didn't wire up the speed pulse sensor wire, and the place where I bought the unit reckon thats the issue. Does anyone know where...
  5. Benzmanc

    Sky Losing Discovery and Eurosport

    Sky channels being removed due to contract disputes with Discovery | Daily Star If they go then so do I, over 60% of my tv is on a Discovery Channel. Sky will over pay for football (which i despise) at the expense of everything else.:wallbash::wallbash:
  6. P

    Losing it now

    Some advice/help folks, My W124 is giving me start problems right now. I have searched for answers and have replaced various parts I don't want to keep throwing parts at it. Anywhoo she was driving then I laid her up for winter but give a run once month to keep her right, then one evening a...
  7. L

    r129 V8 slowly losing power

    Had the car about a week now and initially it was fine and would rev to 6000 no problems. Starting on Monday its been getting progressively less powerful and starting to make a noise very like when a turbo car blows a hose off. Like a turbo car it gets worse with more throttle. Currently it...
  8. karozza

    CLS55 Losing Power

    So, I have a friend with a 2006 that keeps losing power when warm & STAR states "intake air temperature too high" & suggests to replace the electric Intercooler water pump. This has been replaced with a brand new one but the problem remains With the engine cold or just starting to warm, it is...
  9. N

    E63 losing power...

    Hi everyone, Not sure what is wrong with my car, but this morning I took my car to drive round the corner and immediately noticed that when I pressed the accelerator (gently) doing 20mph it was losing power. The more I pressed the accelerator the slower the car was getting?? So I managed to...
  10. R

    W203 losing throttle, EPC warning

    I keep losing max revs when vehicle warm and the EPc contact workshop message come up. Any Ideas
  11. N

    1999 A140 Losing Power Up Hill

    Hi, please can someone give some advice with regards to my a140, i purchased it for my wife in December & have been on the motorway twice in it & everytime we go up a hill it seems to lose power (drops from 70 to 60) the car seems to run fine with normal day to day driving just seems sluggish on...
  12. C

    Losing water from the rad??

    Hi folks. This has got me stumped a wee bit. Fill the rad up and drive for a week, say anything from 40 to 150 miles, look in the bottle on the top of the rad and the water level has gone down, never had the rad empty though?. I cannot find a leak anywhere. All hoses, water pump etc are all...
  13. philiggy

    W210 Tyres losing pressure

    Hi All It doesn't seem to matter what I do I have a problem with my tyres losing pressure, its a 99 E300 TD with 16" alloys. Are they prone to this, do I need a set of wheels Phil
  14. N

    Leather losing it's 'skin'. Fixable?

    A friend has a 1999 Accord with leather which looks like it's losing its skin. A v. thin layer of translucent, papery stuff is coming off the seats leaving them looking sort of pie bald. Is there something he can spray / paint on them that will make them look all the same again? TIA.
  15. C

    water sloshing behind dash and losing coolant on c220cdi

    Hi, I have a 2006 c220 cdi estate which had a strange problem since I bought it. When I start the car, I hear sloshing noises behind the dash for a short while, it seems to disappear when the engine is warm. I am having to top the coolant up 2-3 times a week with at least 3-4 pints at a time...
  16. artyman

    Losing the USB

    I have Navigation 20 in my W204, occasionally after turning on the ignition it says no USB, usually rectified by unplugging the USB stick and plugging it back in again, whereupon it remembers the last track it was playing. It is a 32GB one, has anyone got any suggestions
  17. L

    Losing my forum virginity

    Hi all Thought it was about time I finally introduced myself instead of just reading everyone else's posts. I bought a 2008 vito 109 cdi in sept 2013 and I am absolutely made up with it, even though it is an entry level one. Got big plans for it in the future just got to try and find...
  18. kap02

    W204 losing coolant?

    As the title suggests, I have topped up my coolant once and the warning has appeared again today. I cant see any signs of leaks? Help?
  19. 1945wickedred

    SL350 Losing power.

    Good evening to you all,well here goes then,I have had this problem for a couple of days now,no not that one, my car suddenly loses power and almost comes to a stop and then off we go again,this is really worrying especially if there is someone close behind,just been out again and it happened...
  20. C

    C124 - losing water fast / crank problem..

    Hi guys, My 124 has been losing water very quickly recently. Like a 20-30 mile journey. I have now also noticed that the car doesnt crank perfectly. Its misses, then fires. Worrying. Any ideas?
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