1. BaldGuy

    2004 C180K Coupe Coolant Loss

    My Coupe daily snail uses water, its done 56k miles and freshly serviced 2 months ago.... no visible leaks and no oil in water. I can regularly sit in London traffic, recently on Friday for 2 hours slow traffic... and i can smell coolant... the gauge never rises and i have only had the "add...
  2. L

    Mercedes w210 diesel loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  3. L

    Mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel W210 loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  4. Piff

    Weight loss questions

    Over the last 5 or so years I've developed middle aged spread/grown a beer gut:o. Would like to shed about 10kg (possibly a bit more) I've signed up at a local gym and have had a couple of sessions on cardio machines (rowing, cycling, treadmill, etc). So far I've been doing 10 minute hits on...
  5. B

    Loss of MW...is there a signal amplifier W203?

    Hi, My wife's C270 CDi (W203) has developed a problem with MW reception, there is none!!...FM still seems fine but we cannot tune MW (I am an avid radio 5 listener so very frustrating). Its not a local signal issue as our W164 ML is fine. Is there a signal amplifier built in that might be...
  6. H

    Sprinter 906 313 2.2CDI POWER LOSS

    Hi guys I'm new on here and after years of driving simple easy/cheap to fix ford transits I've gone a bought a sprinter 313 2.2 cdi 2007 with 140k on it Was driving fine however now the thing can barely get up a bloody hill at 25mph, I have delphi autocom and read out and reset the fault codes...
  7. W

    Mercedes Sprinter - Loss of power (P0252)

    Hi, I'm not that good when it comes to cars and mechanics. I've had my 2011 - 313 Sprinter for a while now and I have had the error 'P0252 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control “A” Range/Performance (Cam/Rotor/Injector)' for sometime. The van lacks power, sometimes as soon as I start it, it...
  8. W

    Loss of power and engine issues c200 2001 T model w203.

    Hi guys, I am about pulling my hair out with parts replacement after replacement but still no result. The car is as stated a C Class C200 Kompressor w203 2001 T model Estate UK Import, The car has been running fine and would give me a top seed of at least 130mph with a rapid and smooth...
  9. B

    W211 misfire, power loss and smoking.

    I have a 2005 W211 E320 with 135,000 on the clock. It has been running faultlessly but, after filling the tank to full, (from about one third full), the engine misfires, especially when pressure is applied to the throttle pedal, it has a lack of power and emits black smoke when revved while...
  10. B

    A140 Juddering at Low RPM and Loss of Power?

    Hi, I've got a 1995 A140 1.4 and recently the car has started juddering severely at low rpm. Even when i start the car something sounds seriously wrong like theirs not enough power going to the engine, the car is struggling up hill and even when i pull away from idle it's really slow but once...
  11. J

    B Class Aircon makes a hissy whispy sound through air vents and loss of cold air

    I've had my a/c re-gassed 3 times now in the last 12 months, my local independent garage did it twice (April 2016 and September 2016) and the most recent was 35 days ago at Kwik Fit - none of them could find a leak and now it has lost it's cold air again :( I do hear a strange...
  12. Z

    Ml320d w164 sudden loss of transmission

    Hi everyone newbie here just recently bought an Ml320D sport 2005 W164 model was driving fine until one day last week whilst driving the ABS/ESP light come on and then on the message screen it lit up saying Rear Diff lock overheated please let it cool down but this was only after driving for a...
  13. S

    Sudden loss of power.

    Not a good moment today whilst driving from home to Newmarket. All fine with the car until giving it a bit of a blast through the Hatfield tunnel, got up speed quickly but didn't feel quite right as I exited. Vibrating when I next accelerated and not picking up properly, also engine management...
  14. brucemillar

    W124 Occasional loss of speakers?

    Guys On my 124, I occasionally lose all speaker output? It is almost as if the radio has been muted!! All speakers just stop, nothing, nil, zilch, not even a background whisper of hiss. I know that this is not the head unit as I have the same issue with other units I have tried (and they...
  15. A

    A45 AMG Power loss

    Hey anybody, my A45 (360 hp) has a unknown problem. The car has power loss, after 200 km/h it is very slow. Before you could feel the power loss, too, but not so hard. The Mercedes dealer does anything, but without success. The turbocharger ist new, all pipes are good, the MAP sensor is...
  16. c180081c

    C250 coupe petrol - loss of power during acceleration

    Hi guys, Out in the car today and had to accelerate quickly out of a junction, the car progressed fine then lost all power it would rev however no power produced and struggled to reach 50mph. Pulled over and restarted the car and all is fine, no engine light appeared, has anyone...
  17. shanksy

    W124 e220 coupe - Loss of power

    Hi all, I've got a few issues creeping up on me now with the coupe........ It passed the MOT as usual first time, however, there is a slight leak in the back of the exhaust. There is also a missing throttle return spring, which resulted in a hairy moment in the office car park last week...
  18. D

    W204 - Power Loss

    Hi Guys, I'm having some real issues with my car at the moment I'll try and summarize it as quickly as I can below. 2010 Mercedes C250 85k FSH Remap: Angel Tuning Otherwise standard. When I was driving today the check engine light came on so I scanned it with my OBD reader and got this error...
  19. 0

    W211 Engine Rumbling Loss of Power

    Hi, New here so hope this is ok to post. Here goes... I have a W211 E280 CDI 2007 which has developed a problem. When driving and coming to a halt, randomly and never at a specific point of a journey, the car rumbles to a stop. The engine then loses all power and brings up all the lights...
  20. K

    04 311 cdi power loss

    Hi I have got a sprinter 04 311cdi when you drove along it loses power no lights come on you turn it off and on it goes ok again you carry on take your foot off the throttle and back on again it will lose power again turn it off and on and ok again any ideas thanks in advance.
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