1. martyp87

    Klasse Series Automotive - Edinburgh & West Lothian

    Well, I'm not one for leaving feedback even after a good experience but this is completely different. I turned up to the shop and spoke to the owner, Colin Nicol and realised this wasn't your normal MB indy. My CL was heavily modified with the Weistec supercharger and I turned up with...
  2. MMacD

    Newbie - West Lothian

    Hi, just joined and bought my first C63. Ex MLR (Evo X) owner, first impressions of the forum is all good. Lots of great info and looking forward to getting involved in the discussions[emoji106]
  3. D

    New member from West Lothian

    Driving a VW Tiguan at the moment, but awaiting the arrival of a GLC 220d AMG with Premium package. Hopefully be here before Christmas. :thumb:
  4. T

    Winter Wheels & Tyres C Class 204 16" West Lothian

    I have a set of Mercedes dealer supplied 16" alloy wheels and tyres to sell. They are off a C Class 204. I'm buying a new car (Jaguar XE) and these are no longer needed. Wheel details: 7J x 16 ET 43 205/55 R16 MB 7-spoke forged wheel 7J x16 ET 43 (205/55 R16) Part number A2044011102 Tyres...
  5. merc180k

    Specialist in West Lothian - New!!

    http://www.independentmercspecialists.com/sales.html Had my car in a couple of times and have been both impressed and dissapointed with the result. I can't fault them for service and being helpful and they have a good knowledge of "oily"matters! I was in for new brakes,discs and track rod...
  6. N

    Edinburgh/West Lothian Area

    Hello Folks Some recommendations please for any good independent garages in and around the edinburgh/west lothian area.
  7. fgaffney

    New Body Shop - Broxburn, West Lothian

    I bought my Dec.'99 W202 last Monday from a local dealer and believe I picked it up at a good price (under 9k with 44k miles on the clock) due to some 'minor' paintwork repairs needing done. Before buying the car I had been told by a family member and MB owner that the paintwork should be...
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