1. CLSMark

    Hello new CLS Grand edition owner here, lots of questions!!!

    First it's my first merc, I've had all the German marques, so far not disappointed, anyway, questions Can the auto locking be deactivated, if so, how? Can the optional 2 cup holders extra be retrofitted ? Is there any guides for changing the interior bulbs? Can some kind person link me the...
  2. gr1nch

    Lots of new members, a good thing

    Just had a look at the new members section and there seem to be a lot recently, which is great. I did a quick post count and that's around 20 in the past week. Maybe it's with new reg 1st March fast approaching affecting new and second hand sales? Or are Mercedes cars just becoming increasingly...
  3. m2mb

    Lots of mb recalls this week!!

    Rapid Alert System Weekly overview report - European Commission And none for bm. Makes you think, doesnt it?
  4. JimboDS

    Dash cam questions (lots of them)

    I think I want a dash cam. Been tempted for a while. My wife was recently reversed into while stationary and has been fighting for a better decision from the insurance company than 50:50. This has motivated me to look more seriously at dash cams! I found a few old threads on here...
  5. clk208

    Anyone recommend phone holster for W219/W211/probs lots of others similar

    Hi all, On the look out for a phone holster (iPhone) for my CLS primarily so I can change tracks on my music on the phone's display but also occasionally for navigation when google's live traffic can outfox my COMAND. I'm thinking vent mounted might work in terms of putting the phone where...
  6. ioweddie

    I'm selling lots of diecast model cars on ebay

    If you collect diecast model cars. I'm selling lots of different ones ranging from 1:18 - 1:43 - 1:76. Some fantastic highly detailed models from my collection. Cut and paste this number into ebay search and view other listings. 301662196519
  7. S

    Lots of lovely Dutch Mercedes's

    Faszination Mercedes @ Classic Park Boxtel NL 26-04-2015 | Retro Rides
  8. K

    C Class W205 sport C200 bought MB approved used car lots of problems

    Hi Guys, Can any gentlemen here guide me I bought this piece of crap for 27000 pounds from one of the approved MB used car dealers which they say we do rigorous tests so a simple common person should be tension free anyway long story short issues being faced in 9 days of usage and only driven...
  9. W

    clk 320 wont start and cuts out, lots replaced !

    help required if you can, my 98 clk320 convertible has started to cut out or not start at all for the first few trys. had maf replaced a couple of months back for erratic revs and was fine since. but now it sometimes starts then stops straight away from cold. dealer had it for 4 days and said...
  10. Benplym

    2007 w164 ML280 For Sale Lots Of Upgrades

    2007/57 Mercedes 4WD M-Class ML280 7G-Tronic Showroom Condition - Lots of Upgrades Metalic Black Recent Service B + Full Transmission Service 22" AMG Wheels+New Tyres (they are replicas but from a decent dealer...... And Mighty expensive) Hill Start Assist (very handy) Flappy Paddle Gear...
  11. T

    Lots of engine/fuel questions

    Hi Everyone a newbie to the forum here with questions that I am sure you have heard before but any thoughts still welcome 1. Why does the temp of my S320 (05 diesel) rise about every 40 to 45 mins and the fuel economy drop through the floor - type of driving, outside temp etc makes no...
  12. developer

    Windows File Size - Lots Of Questions

    Hello guys, My fairly old but reasonably specced desktop (3.00Ghz/4Gb RAM) has Vista as it's OS. The C drive is 70Gb and the Windows file within it is using 28Gb alone. Add that to our user files and a couple of Programme Files and Prorgamme Data files within the C: tree and we're at...
  13. B

    VITO Clocks - my new (old) van has lots of issues :-(

    hi all - new here - but get the feeling this forum and my recent purchase will keep me off facebook for a good while. ok - i have spent a few days now looking at lots and lots of posts relating to my problems - but they are not exactly the same as mine - so i would like to list them here and...
  14. DanMorgan

    Virtual Tuning - Lots of Mercedes to Choose from!

    Pretty good site to waste a few hours on and it has a lot of Mercedes's to choose from which is a plus! 3DTuning
  15. C240Sport97

    buying lots of Euros

    mate just bought a flat in Spain. needs to send around 550,000 Euros in around 2 weeks. wondering where to get the best deal for the Euros. ideas and suggestion much appreciated please.
  16. BIG_G_1979

    looking lots of info on the E320 CDI

    Hi guys im new here, Ive joined this forum as i will be buying a E320 W211 03-09 and want to know what to look out for and what the common faults with these cars? I know the earlier models rusted very badly due to the quality of steel used during manufacture but is this limited to the pre w211...
  17. B

    R230 SL Owners - Lots of AMG/Brabus Parts

    Complete Supercharger with Injectors Manifold - £800.00 Standard SL55 AMG Backboxes - £100.00 Standard SL55 AMG Centre and Headers - £100.00 AMG Sideskirts - £50.00 AMG Front Bumper Prefacelift - £150.00 AMG Rear Bumper Prefacelift - £150.00 AMG Grill - £25.00 Standard Chargecooler -...
  18. I

    Lots of car stuff...

    In Lidl from Thursday. Lots of stuff including bulbs, fire extinguishers and first aid kits etc etc. Fill your boots:D:D
  19. M

    69 VW Bus restoration - lots of pics

    Apologies to those that couldn't give a crap but... I appreciate this is not a Mercedes but on another thread a couple of members showed an interest and wanted pics of my 1969 VW Bus. I thought I would post up what I have been up to with it. I bought the bus from Cali in sept time in 2011...
  20. ioweddie

    Scooters Lots and lots here on the IOW this weekend

    Around 6000 scooters coming to the Isle of Wight this bank holiday weekend, had a drive around Ryde seafront today and hundreds already here, makes a great spectacle, sounds like a swarm of bees though!
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